Japan: 19,628 Asylum Applications in 2017 – Only 20 Approved

Daily Stormer
February 17, 2018

That’s because you’re not

You know how the kike-owned media is telling you 24/7 that diversity is the only way, that infinity mud people is inevitable, that there is no alternative or escape no matter what you do?

Turns out they were lying.


Japan Today:

The number of asylum seekers in Japan grew 80 percent to a record 19,628 in 2017 – but only 20 were accepted, the government said on Tuesday.


Immigration is a controversial subject in Japan, where many pride themselves on cultural and ethnic homogeneity, even as the population ages and its workforce shrinks.

They have robots, you dumb faggot.

They don’t need any dumb mud people, most of whom don’t even actually work to begin with.


Although a major donor to international aid organisations, Japan has been reluctant to relax asylum policies or allow in migrant blue-collar workers.

The number of people seeking refugee status had been on the rise in recent years as people took advantage of a system that allowed applicants with valid visas to work while their refugee claims were reviewed, the justice ministry said.

The government in mid-January limited the right to work only to those Japan regards as bona fide refugees.


As a result, the average number of applicants a day in the second half of January fell by 50 percent from December, the ministry said.

“It is impossible to stop this, you stupid goyim. Just accept being a minority in “your” country because there’s nothing you can do to avoid it.”

 Of the 19,628 applicants in 2017, Filipinos accounted for a quarter, followed by Vietnamese and Sri Lankans, the preliminary data showed.


I’m very disillusioned right now…

Anglin told me that Trump finished the war in Syria thing, but it turns out that not only is it not over, but it’s already spread to Vietnam and Sri Lanka!

Senpai lied to me…

“Twenty people is way too few. Judging from our experience in refugee support, I believe more people should be accepted,” said Eri Ishikawa, of the Japan Association for Refugees.

After joogling this woman’s name I found out, completely surprised, that she’s an ugly middle-aged fat (by Jap standards) woman.

It’s shocking how, regardless of the country or even the race, the enemy from within who isn’t a Kike always has the same profile.



Japan accepted 28 people as refugees in 2016.

So the Japs are slowly, but surely, getting better.

We, on the other hand, are getting worse by the day?

How many subhumans flooded White countries last year? A few million?

Is anyone even counting anymore?

On the other hand, if you’re reading and don’t understand why Japan can be Japanese, but European countries can’t be European, here’s a short series of videos that explains it quite well: