Jap Waifu Relay Runner Breaks Leg, Crawls to Finish Line – What Would Your Waifu Do for You?

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2018

Japanese people have a very strong sense of honor and duty.

The Telegraph:

A teenage runner in a relay marathon in Japan is being applauded for her never-say-die spirit for insisting on crawling the last 700 feet of her section of the race after falling and fracturing her right leg. 

Quite the pain tolerance for a girl.

There’s video of her crawling.

What did you do today to break a sweat?

Do you think you’re tougher than this Japanese girl?

Drop to the floor now and perform 88 push-ups.

Break it up in sets or whatever. Do them now.

If you can’t do even a single push-up, then stop. Turn off your computer now, and don’t turn it back on before achieving one full push-up.

But I was already in the gym before muh gains muh recovery

Fuck your recovery, man. Drop to the floor now and do your push-ups now. 88. Full range of motion.

This girl crawled with a broken leg so her team could complete the race and our people are too fucking soft to exert themselves and use their bodies.

Editor’s note: If a person does not have that hook of skin around her bellybutton, they are a fat slob. And yes, I have it – and I’m not even anywhere close to peak shape and work 70 hours a week. If you do not have it, and are not on a purposeful bulk, you need to get your life together. -AA

“The vast majority of American adults are overweight or obese.”

Tetsuhiko Kin, a sports commentator who was previously an “ekiden” competitor, said runners are under enormous mental pressure as they are part of a corporate team and need to pass the sash over to the next runner.

“She seemed driven to somehow arrive at the relay point, which she could see [when she fell]”, he said. 

I kinda felt like writing “impressive, for a woman,” but sadly, in the West, that’s also impressive for men these days.

Are Japanese girls tougher than Western men?

Ms Iida also declined to stop when approached and only asked the judge, “How many metres are left until my goal?”

Eyes on the prize.

Remember when Americans were that tough?

Remember when German-Americans were tougher?

Ms Iida was taken to a hospital immediately after completing her section of the race and was diagnosed with a fracture of her leg that is expected to take four months to heal. She apologised to the team manager for her performance.

Don’t let Japanese teenage girls be tougher than you.

You have greatness in your blood.

Awaken it.