Jap Goes to the Chop and Gets Nipped in the Bud

I didn’t actually even know there were leftist Japs, but there is one.

He went to The Chop to put his own slant on the story, but he couldn’t orient himself on the rough slope, and he got nipped in the bud!

I haven’t seen a nip get japped like this since Hiroshima!

Y I K E S !


A Japanese artist, activist and reporter went to Seattle to cover the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) and to show that the protest was non-violent. He left within 15 minutes having been severely beaten up.

Oogesa Taro, the organizer of a collaborative social art project called ‘Without Borders’, travelled to the US to explore the ongoing protests that erupted in the wake of the George Floyd killing by Minneapolis police.

Reporting from the ground within the CHAZ, it didn’t take long before Taro was set upon and beaten up by some of the area’s less welcoming residents.

Despite the unsavoury encounter and hostility, Taro’s indomitable spirit led him back to the scene of the crime.

“Im back. #CHOP. To prove that this is not a protest that affirms violence. To prove that this is not a violent protest,” he said.

He returned undeterred to cover the civil unrest in the US as anti-racism activists and anarchists unite to create a police-free utopia, in which at least one person has been shot dead and several injured.

Americans who understand black violence found the story amusing.

The rest of the entire nation of Japan also found this amusing. You don’t need to know the language to get this one.

Here’s a translated tweet from the Japanese.


That is the truth.

Black people are simply violent, and to try to switch this all around and make it so it’s white people’s fault that they are so violent simply does not make any sense.

Everyone knows that black American soldiers are constantly raping women in Japan. But sure – blame that on white racism.

Well, people from Africa engage in rape in China.

What does that have to do with whites?

Come on now.

Asians should be woke to this. Most of them obviously are. It’s sad to see one that isn’t.