James Fields Trial: Prosecution Rests, Defense Begins (It’s All Looking Very Good)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2018

As the defense began their defense of James Fields on Wednesday, everything was looking pretty good. This is according to the court reporting, which has been horrible, seemingly on purpose – meaning it may be looking even better than it looks that it is looking.

It’s a real shame that there aren’t cameras in the court, like with the OJ trial. This is at least as important as that. I don’t know how after they’ve talked about this case for these many months they are able to make the claim that it isn’t in the public interest for this to be broadcast live. But I guess that is what it is, and we’ve only to rely on these terrible news reports.

Although the court has been shown to be aggressively biased against James Fields in an almost cartoonish way, the judge making all these statements indicating he doesn’t believe he’s innocent, they had to hear a lot of stuff that played in Fields’ favor in the extreme, and very little to support their own claims of a pre-meditated murder.

Point one was that he was crying when the cop arrested him, and bodycam footage was shown in court. He said they were attacking him. Then when he heard someone died, he started crying again.

The Guardian:

The white nationalist who drove a car into a crowd of counter-protesters at a Virginia rally last year began sobbing and whimpering after his arrest when police told him he had killed someone, according to video played at his trial on Tuesday.

Prior to the rally he had sent his mother an image of Adolf Hitler, the court in Charlottesville heard on Tuesday.

But within minutes of the mayhem at the tail end of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville on 12 August 2017, James Fields could be heard on footage recorded by a detective’s body-worn camera saying he acted in self-defense.

I didn’t want to hurt people, but I thought they were attacking me,” Fields told the police, according to the video footage played to the jury, which is now expected to opine sooner than expected on whether to convict Fields on 10 charges, including murder.

After police arrested him, Fields, 21, asked at the police station about the extent of the injuries he caused.

“There were people with injuries, one had passed away,” a detective tells Fields, according to video footage from the police station. Fields is then heard sobbing, whimpering and gasping for breath.

Steven Young, the lead detective on the case, testified that it took about two minutes to calm him down. “Mr Fields appeared to be in a panic,” Young told the court.

“I got the weekend off,” Fields wrote to his mother. “I’ll be able to go to the rally.”

“Be careful,” his mother replied.

“We’re not the ones who need to be careful,” Field wrote. He also attached an image of Adolf Hitler.

[Judge Richard] Moore told the jury they would have to weigh whether the exchange and the image of the Nazi leader showed that Fields had premeditated intent. Attorneys for Fields called Paul Critzer, a Charlottesville sheriff’s department deputy, along with three other law enforcement officers, to the stand on Tuesday afternoon.

Critzer testified that he talked to Fields after stopping his Dodge Charger and telling him to throw his keys out of the window. “He seemed calm in tone. He said, ‘I’m so sorry’,” Critzer said, adding that Fields bolted away from him after initially putting his hands out of the window of his car as if he was going to surrender.

The Hitler message is certainly unfortunate. And I will just note here that cops never would have gotten ahold of that if he’d been using Signal messenger with auto-delete set. But it hardly indicates anything at all. There had been a bunch of previous Alt-Right rallies where antifa attacked demonstrators and were beaten back, and that was clearly what he was referencing.

The prosecution trying to explain why he was having an emotional breakdown when he heard that people were hurt and went into a panic attack when he heard someone died is really confusing. What is even the argument there? That he was a trained psychopath, acting out fake tears?

Okay, say you believe that – what would be the purpose of it? To try and be able to plea not guilty and say this was a car accident after the fact? So he planned a murderous attack with a plausible deniability backup?

Well, okay – then why did he send his mother that message?

If he had really planned this out to the extent of having a back-up plan to fake cry and fake a panic attack when he heard someone died, then wouldn’t he have to have the foresight to not have a message record of him saying something that can be twisted in the way that text can be twisted?

Come on now.

But it gets even dumber.

Let’s see about the reconstruction of the car accident.


Virginia State Police Senior Trooper Clifford Thomas testified about the reconstruction of the crash scene.

He said he accessed the airbag control modules and event data recorder, or EDR, from the vehicles involved.

There was no airbag control module data recovered from Field’s Dodge Challenger. Thomas could not elaborate on why because each manufacturer constructs them differently, which causes them to activate at different speeds.

The minivan involved in the crash did not have one because it was manufactured before they were required.

However, Thomas did recover the module from Tay Washington’s Toyota Camry, which help shed light on how fast Fields was driving when his car plowed into the crowd of people.

Thomas testified data from Washington’s car showed the impact of the crash caused it to be pushed from zero miles per hour to 17.1 miles per hour in 150 milliseconds.

He also said he used aerial data footage to calculate Fields’ speed before the crash, which showed he was traveling at 23 miles per hour, which was determined by using a stationary black truck as a reference point.

The truck was parked in the area before the crash happened.

Thomas said the maximum speed Fields was driving before the crash was 28 miles per hour.

A forensic scientist said Fields was just trying to find his way back home.

Philip DePue, who works for Sensei Enterprises, testified he retrieved data from Fields’ cellphone from Aug. 12, finding two Google map searches for directions to Maumee, Ohio.

Those searches were conducted at 1:39 p.m., moments before Fields’ car hit the crowd. There were two options, both taking Fields onto Market Street instead of continuing down Fourth Street.

“It was hard for us to determine which route was taken,” said DePue. “When you request directions, it provides multiple locations.”

Okay, so he crashed at 23 mph, but he might have been going 28 mph before that. So he slowed down. And he had Google Maps open and was trying to get home.

Again: what are you supposed to believe here, if you buy the “planned terror attack” argument of the State of Virginia?

That he Google Mapped a route home as part of his alibi, so he could later do what he is doing now and plea “not guilty” in court?

He would have to really be a genius to come up with that part, I think.

And the fact that he was only traveling at 23 mph demonstrates clearly that he had no intent to kill anyone. Why would he drive at that speed? He did not speed up before the attack. If he is an actual genius terrorist, then why would he do a car crash that shouldn’t have killed anyone, and wouldn’t have killed anyone if Heather Heyer hadn’t been in such poor health?

But… it gets even dumber than that.

He also invited people to go to lunch with him right before he got in the car to perform the “attack.”

Witnesses for the defense were called to tell that story Wednesday.


Shortly before James Fields rammed his car into counterprotesters at a white nationalist rally, he had asked some of his fellow protesters out to lunch.

Hayden Calhoun and his girlfriend declined, Calhoun testified Wednesday.

Twenty minutes later, Fields plowed into the counterprotesters, killing a 32-year-old woman and injuring more than a dozen others.

Calhoun said he and his girlfriend attended the rally on August 12, 2017, and spent part of the day with Fields, whom they had just met that day.

Calhoun testified that Fields was calm and seemed tired.

Under cross-examination, Calhoun testified that the only interactions he and Fields had with counterprotesters were verbal, not physical. Calhoun said counterprotesters didn’t attack them or throw anything at them.

Previously, Fields had described counterprotesters as “a violent mob of terrorists.”

Charlottesville Police Detective Steven Young and Calhoun’s girlfriend, Sarah Bolstad, also testified before the court took a lunch break.

Bolstad said she met Fields when they were turned away from McIntire Park by police. She testified she and Calhoun were approached by Fields and another man, who suggested they travel together as there is safety in numbers.

“I felt really comfortable with them,” she said. She added that Fields “didn’t seem angry” and “seemed normal.”

She never saw Fields during times when bottles were being thrown, she told the court.

The Calhoun couple didn’t go with Fields to lunch because one of their own mom’s was calling them to come home after having seen the spectacle on TV. Otherwise, there would have been three people in the car at the time of the crash.

Just imagine how this would have went down if they’d have been in the car – would any of these charges have ever been filed? Would they have said that all three were terrorist murderers, or would they have claimed Fields kidnapped them?

Or would we not have any charges at all, because not even shitlibs would be able to believe this goofy cartoon narrative?

Also, imagine this: you’ve got a pre-planned murderous attack on your mind, but you’re cool and calm and calmly invite some friend you met to grab lunch. What would he have said when they got in the car? “Yeah, I just gotta do a little thing first, then we’ll grab a burger”?

Again: the couple said that Fields was calm and normal acting, they did not describe him as weird (as he has been portrayed). And they indicated that they would have went to lunch with him if they didn’t have a mom calling them home. So Fields was, according to the State of Virginia, planning to commit this terrorist assault with friends he’d just met in the car beside him.

How does the prosecution argue that point, I wonder?

Do they claim that this was part of the ruse of having a false claim that this was an accident?

If this guy is that deep, on that level of psychopathic murderous genius, then explain to me the Hitler text to mom.

Surely, we are so absolutely outside of the realm of “beyond a reasonable doubt” that he has to, at this point, been declared not guilty on all counts.

It is abject lunacy and the epitome of a miscarriage of justice that this guy was ever charged with anything at all.

The Verdict Should Come Early Next Week

The defense only has one more witness to call this morning.

The jury may get the case today, or closing arguments might push it through to Friday. Either way, we should be getting a verdict early next week.

I assume the one witness will be Dwayne Dixon, the “Redneck Revolt” Antifa who bragged about threatening Fields with a rifle.

That should be interesting.

Although all we’re going to hear of it is this shit-tier MSM court reporting.

Post Script

I’ve been following this in recent days more than I had for a while, and I listened to an interview that White Boner, the guy who uploaded the “Heather Heyer not hit by a car” video, did with Mike Enoch (starts at 1 hour and 22 minutes). He said that she was actually hit by the car, and he was wrong originally, and found the truth with further examination. So I just want to insert that correction.

It does appear that she was only “side swiped” by the car, but that is enough to matter. I do still believe that the “blunt trauma” was a result of a body that size hitting the ground, as well as presumably the medics attempting to do CPR on a body that massive, trying to push through all those rolls of fat.

However, we do strive to be accurate here, and I want to personally apologize for having got it wrong that she was never hit by a car.

I should have been following these developments in the case over the last year more closely. It is simply that there is always so much going on that I miss things, given that I am tasked here with covering all the news by myself (our writers do a good job, but I am the sole editor), and sometimes things get lost. I had probably just assumed that all of this would come out during the trial, and that is happening.

And again: it is all looking really great.

I can’t imagine they’re going to convict him, but if they do, this is all setup for an appeal.

Post Post Script

I am also serious in my desire to crowdfund James Fields a brand new Challenger when he gets out, and would love to be able to do that. I think it would be a great morale booster, and give us as a movement real closure on this year and a half long nightmare.

I obviously have all of my access to payment platforms cut off, so I can’t be the one to do it, but if anyone has any ideas about how to get this done, figure that out and I’ll promote it.

Ideally, it would be waiting in his driveway when he got home with a big swastika bow on it, but that probably is not possible.