James Fields Given Life Sentence… Again

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2019

First, we had the Banning of the Jones.

Now, we have the Sentencing of the Supremacist.

They’ll be letting kids out of school to celebrate soon enough.

Courthouse News:

An avowed white supremacist was sentenced to life plus 419 years on state charges Monday for deliberately driving his car into anti-racism protesters during a white nationalist rally in Virginia.

James Alex Fields Jr., 22, received the sentence for killing one person and injuring dozens during the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville on Aug. 12, 2017.

Last month, Fields received a life sentence on 29 federal hate crime charges.

Charlottesville Circuit Court Judge Richard Moore followed a state jury’s recommendation in handing down the sentence. Under state law, he was allowed to go lower than the recommendation, but not higher.

“Mr. Fields, you had choices. We all have choices,” Moore said. “You made the wrong ones and you caused great harm. … You caused harm around the globe when people saw what you did.”

The state sentence is mainly symbolic given his previous sentence on the federal charges.

Both Alex Jones and James Fields have been condemned by the Sanhedrin to an eternity of ritualized condemnation. In the distant future, the ritual will take on a more abstract and symbolic nature, but it will no doubt be practiced by the Jews until Christ returns to smite them all.

“For his purposes, he has one life to give, so this is a largely academic exercise,” noted Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University.


Rituals are important.

Future generations will eat James Fields’ ears in a Purim-style holiday as they whirl chickens around their heads and cry crocodile tears about the death of the fat chick – which will be symbolized with said chickens.

Yes, Heather Heyer will be forever celebrated as the sacrificial shiksa who threw herself in front of the Amaleck’s black chariot and saved the Jews from the Charlottesville army that was gathered to attack them.

But the holiday won’t stop there.

James Fields was slapped with a symbolic fine.

USA Today:

Judge Richard Moore upheld a Virginia jury’s recommended sentence from December. He also imposed a fine of $480,000.

It is customary for all the judges in the country to uphold the ruling of the previous judges and then symbolically add more money to the fine.

During Monday’s session, victims made impact statements. Emotions ran high, and several victims sobbed and dabbed tears away with tissues. Star Peterson, who was injured in the attack, began her statement by addressing Fields.

“Hello, scum,” she said. “You look like a coward now that you’re not behind the wheel of a car.”

Followed by the “Airing of Grievances.”

This is still an active and developing holy day.

We’ll keep you posted.