James Fields’ Charges Upgraded to First Degree Murder in Car Accident That Caused Heather Heyer to Have a Heart Attack

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 15, 2017


Here’s American “justice” for you.

At least they’re not charging him with a “premeditated terrorist attack” like the kike Mayor and nog police chief claimed after the incident.

Fox News:

An Ohio man accused of killing a woman by plowing his car into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, Va., during the summer now faces a first-degree murder charge.

James Alex Fields, 20, appeared in court for a preliminary hearing Thursday, where Charlottesville General District Judge Robert Downer Jr. agreed to prosecutors’ request to upgrade the second-degree murder charge that Fields previously faced.

All other charges against Fields were also certified to proceed. The case will now be presented to a grand jury for a possible indictment.

Fields is accused of killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injuring dozens more after he allegedly rammed his car into a crowd of counterprotesters Aug. 12 during the Unite the Right rally that erupted into utter chaos and violence.

A white supremacist group was protesting the city’s decision to remove a statute of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from a local park. The protest also attracted counter-demonstrators.

Fields, who was described by a former teacher as having a keen interest in Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler, quietly sat in a striped jumpsuit with his hands cuffed during Thursday’s hearing.

His attorney, Denise Lunsford, did not present evidence or make any arguments at the hearing. However, she cross-examined Charlottesville Police Det. Steven Young, asking him if searches of Fields’ computer, phone or social media revealed any evidence that he was part of Vanguard America or any other white nationalist group.

“No,” Young replied.

Young, also testified that he was one of the first police officers to arrive on the scene, and that Fields seemed in shock and cried after learning that someone had died, the New York Post reported.


Crying, in shock.

They are attempting to crucify him based solely on his political beliefs.

Here’s the deal: James Fields did nothing wrong.

Straight up.

We have footage of his car getting attacked by bats before the wreck. In all likelihood, the wreck was the result of a panic, rather than some kind of purposeful thing. Why on earth would he purposefully destroy such a cool car?

So these people started a riot in the streets, attacking random people, and while they were illegally crowded in the street, one of the cars they were attacking crashed.

And Heather Heyer, the obese woman who died: her mother told the media she had a heart attack.

Furthermore, we have video which proves she was not hit by the challenger.

Months after the event, they claimed that the autopsy showed “blunt force trauma injury to the chest” as the cause of death, but they haven’t released the autopsy. Also, a woman of that size hitting the ground would cause “blunt trauma.” Imagine weighing over three hundred pounds and being pushed on the ground.

The Daily Progress – the local Charlottesville newspaper, which is the only paper so far to have alleged to have spoken with the medical examiner – also included this interesting line:

The manner of Heyer’s death is still pending, a representative with the office said Monday.

The Jewish media has claimed that I and Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent (he did most of the work going through the video footage and eventually finding Heyer’s location during the crash) have a “sexist conspiracy theory” that she died of a heart attack.

Well, is her own mother also a “sexist conspiracy theorist”?

“She died of a heart attack right away at the scene, they revived her briefly and then – not consciously, just got her heart beating again – and then her heart just stopped.”

The same lying journalists who accuse us of having a “theory” are not attacking her mother for the same – no, in fact, there is a total blackout on the fact that her mother even made this statement.

Point being: Charlottesville was the biggest event in the world since the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States, and it was very important for them to drag out this Fields thing.

I do not think he can be convicted of murder, anymore than I thought he could be convicted of “terrorism” when the entire Jewish media and the government was accusing him of that.

The City and the Cops are Guilty

The real power responsible for Heather Heyer’s death and all of the chaos of that day are the cops who stood down and the state that ordered them to do so.

Even an independent inquiry at the state level has shown this – the cops stood down, allowing violence to take place.

That most assuredly is not a “sexist Alt-Right conspiracy theory.”

They wanted people dead.

Then when they got one, they immediately jumped with an insane pre-prepared narrative that it was a “premeditated terrorist attack.”

I am confident the whole thing will eventually fall apart. But when it does, the people who bought into the narrative will be too committed to it to believe anything different. That is the way these things work.

We need to support our people, and we need to move forward. For all the problems it caused, Charlottesville was a win. It made us infamous. And that needed to happen.

But we need to understand that regardless of how right we were, things changed there, and we have to change with them.