James Allsup Banned from YouTube as Ultimate Purge Continues!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 27, 2019

James Allsup is just a normal person, yet he is now banned from YouTube for being a “white supremacist.”

He had nearly half a million followers on the platform. To put that in perspective, Sargon of Akkad has just under a million followers. Allsup’s channel was huge and he made an absolute point to never violate YouTube’s terms of service.

This comes a week after Allsup was banned from Instagram and Facebook. They have moved to completely erase him from the internet in the way they have done to me, Alex Jones and many others.

This is a drastic escalation in the Jewish program of censorship of any and all who disagree with them.

Furthermore, it seems to be representative of the desires of the tech companies themselves – which are largely Jewish but also simply leftist extremists – to manipulate the 2020 election in favor of the Democrats.

Allsup was a supporter of Donald Trump, so we can expect everyone else who supports him to be banned before the Democrats pick their nominee.

These would include:

  • Sargon of Akkad
  • Stefan Molyneux
  • Paul Joseph Watson
  • Nick Fuentes

At the same time that they ban these remaining pro-Trump YouTube voices, I also predict that Fox News is going to continue to get more and more hostile towards Trump, probably firing Tucker Carlson, leaving his supporters – a little less than half the country – without any media representation at all.

We are entering into an absolute control matrix, where every single thing that anyone is allowed to be exposed to is filtered by the Jews. There does not appear to be any possible way to prevent this outcome.

ADL Plot

There are others who have also been banned, and they are all from the ADL list, which was published on August 15th.

This is simply a Jewish conspiracy.

Although he was not on the list, Mister Metokur has decided to leave YouTube, per an announcement on his Patreon. He says they keep deleting his videos, so he’s moving to BitChute.

Use Tor, Please

I hope that people will start using Tor. This is a red alert type situation now. There is zero chance that I am going to be allowed to remain on the normal internet, even here on this website.

Tor is the future and our only hope.

However, for at least some time, the alternative video platform DLive exists, and is allowing a degree of free speech. I expect James Allsup will move there, where Nick Fuentes, The Ralph Retort, Azzmador and others are currently streaming. If they hold out and refuse to fold, they are going to make a whole lot of money, because there simply are not any other options anymore.

This censorship is now worse than it ever was in the Soviet Union, and these scumbag conservatives are going out there and saying that because Google, Facebook and Twitter are private companies, they are allowed to strip you of your Constitutional rights.

I wonder if Ben Shapiro and Tiana Lowe would defend Google’s right to quarter soldiers in your home? They must, right? Because the Third Amendment only says that the government can’t house soldiers in your home, meaning that Google is allowed to.