Jamaican Enricher Gropes Five Women in Subway

Daily Stormer
July 27, 2016


Smoking weed makes you mellow, but being Black makes you rapey.

Oh, women. So ungrateful. Whatever you do, they’ll complain anyway. Case in point: after their lives were so vividly enriched by this exotic creature, these five women had the gall to call the cops on him.

Incredible, really.

New York Daily News:

A subway perv was blinded by the white.

A Jamaican student new to America was busted Monday after groping five rush-hour commuters in Brooklyn — and told cops it was because he’d never seen white women before and they were “absolutely beautiful,” sources said.


If you think they’re beautiful in the NYC subway, wait until you see em’ in wheat fields.

Sicko Damario Johnson, 19, who arrived on a student visa two months ago, thrust his hand up the skirts of five women at the Hoyt St. station over the past week, cops said.

Johnson struck once on Wednesday morning, once on Thursday night, and twice on Friday night, police said. Three of the victims reported the crimes at NYPD transit offices, while a fourth submitted a complaint through an “MTA portal” web site, said NYPD Capt. Zahid Williams.

“It’s a very distinctive crime, a very, very distinctive method of committing this crime,” Williams said. He targeted women in their 20s to 40s, he said.


And this guy was here on a student visa. Even the most “elite” of these Blacks are still incapable of behaving like anything more than beasts. In reality, he probably didn’t even understand that what he was doing was wrong in anyway. You can be sure he did the same in his own country and no one batted an eye.

Deport them all!