Jamaican Black Female is Crowned “Miss World” After Defeating Contestants from 111 Nations

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 15, 2019

Black females recently took over the Miss Universe, Miss America, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA titles, and now the Great Pyramid Architects have claimed a new victory.

Daily Mail:

Jamaica’s Toni-Ann Singh has been crowned this year’s Miss World during glamorous celebrations in London today.

Stunning Miss World hopefuls took to the stage in native dress this afternoon as they competed to take home the crown in the 69th annual competition.

Some 111 contestants from countries including Scotland, Japan, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago donned costumes reflecting their homelands as they performed at the ExCeL convention centre in east London.

The competition, hosted by Peter Andre and actress Megan Young, concludes a three-week festival in which contestants competed in a series of fast-track events to earn a spot in the top 30.

These included challenges in multimedia, sport and talent which took the hopefuls on a ‘journey across some of London’s most iconic landmarks taking in its rich culture and heritage’, according to the Miss World website.

Winner Toni-Ann Singh was crowned by last year’s winner Mexico’s Vanessa Ponce de Leon during the ceremony.

Today, the glamorous contestants gathered on stage at the ExCeL centre in ball gowns as they were welcomed in an opening ceremony which featured a performance from Kerry Ellis.

The beauty queens then changed into colourful costumes indicative of their native countries as they performed in the final, which was judged by a panel led by Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan.

Take a look at “France” though:

Black female jungle people are taking over the entire planet.

It is already absolute madness that these evolutionary throwbacks are being lauded as the epitome of beauty, but the fact that that is happening in white countries takes the whole thing into a whole new dimension of insanity.

You can say lots of bad things about white women and all will be true, but what you can’t say is that they’re not objectively the most beautiful females currently available on Earth.

It is against the laws of physics for the most “beautiful” simian jungle female to be more beautiful than the most beautiful white woman, yet white countries are now promoting the “beauty” of black females and giving all of these titles and prizes to zoo apes.

The refusal to recognize white women and white men as the most attractive women and men on this planet is an insult to beauty, a mockery of aesthetics, and an affront to nature.

The tiger and the wolf are objectively more beautiful than chimpanzees.

No amount of makeup or fancy clothing can change that.