Jake Tapper Goes Ape on Marjorie Taylor Greene for Sharing Anti-Refugee Video That Mentioned Jews

The entire world has turned against the leader of the right-wing movement, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The Jewish CNN psycho Jake Tapper is going ape on her, due to her alleged opposition to the Jewish agenda to destroy the white race.

As far as I’m able to tell, Tapper is referring to the very famous anti-refugee video that was spread around the internet in 2018, which the reader will probably remember. It has been cleansed from the internet, largely, but is still available on BitChute.

(I’m not 100% certain this is the video he’s referring to, but it probably is.)

The video is not really about Jews. It is mostly about refugees. In its 20 minute runtime, it simply contains a few short bits about the fact that Jews are pushing for mass immigration, because of their desire to wipe out the white race.

The video was shared on many mainstream platforms, including being posted on Breitbart. You can’t find any of this sort of stuff now, really (at least not without doing hours of work), but I believe that this was also one of the first major viral videos to be widely censored, and I also believe that Breitbart not only posted the original video, but then went on to report about big tech censoring it.

Point being: this was still acceptable in 2018. People were not at that time pouring through videos and looking for mentions of Jews. This was of course after the big crackdown on the Daily Stormer, but the internet was still a lot freer than it is now, and Breitbart, which was a center for what became the modern QAnon movement, was not a full-on neocon cesspit.

This situation with Marjorie Taylor Greene is totally beyond bizarre. For those of you who don’t understand this: she is a Jr. Congressman from Georgia’s 14th district. She was just elected last year, and is just now in the Congress. There are 435 people in Congress. This idea that she is some powerful figure is ridiculous, and it is insane that she has become the center of all of these endless attacks.

It either shows that they’re afraid of the MAGA movement, or that they’re looking for a distraction, or both. Most likely, it is both. It’s utterly bizarre the way they’re linking her in to disinformation, which they are then linking to terrorism, and saying it’s all like Islamic suicide bombers.

The best thing you can take away from this situation is that people who are younger than 50 really just don’t care about this whole thing with the Jews. They might not be against Jews, and probably they’re not, but they also don’t think the Jews are some sacred, untouchable group. That really was a baby boomer phenomenon. I think it’s over forever now.

With all of these attacks, the media and government are making Greene into a folk hero. Personally, I’m fine with that. She seems like a nice lady. She has good physiognomy, and she’s very healthy.

Everyone is aware of how I feel about women in public life as a general rule, but whatever. You play the hand you’re dealt, and at least she loves America and is willing to stand up against all these people.

Obviously, she’s not going to lead any movements, but as a symbol of everything these people hate, she’ll do fine.

Hopefully, we can finally start talking about the real problem, which is the collective power and abuses of power by organized Jewry.