Jake Paul’s Hot New Song “But It’s Everyday Bro” (And Leafy’s Disgusting, Player Hater Reaction)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 11, 2017

This is one of the best songs released yet.

It’s going to go down as the theme song of summer 2017, for sure.

Jake Paul is a straight-up legend.

View counts don’t lie.

Thirty-two millie in less than a week, bitch.

Leafy is simply a straight-up player hater.

He’s released a video leading a mob of player haters

Leafy is going on an SPLC list for that shit, I’ll tell ya what.

He’s a straight up stone cold hater.

I’m calling Richard Cohen and getting this sonovabitch on a list.

And yes – along with tracking skin color haters, anal sex with men haters and Christians, the SPLC also tracks down and sues player haters.

Leafy deserves hunted down sued for $350,000 plus legal fees for this shit.

Player hating is not free speech, Leafy.

And you’re going to learn that soon enough.


I just texted Heidi Beirich and reported Leafy’s video as a player hate crime.

She said she just put him on a list – his home address is now listed as the headquarters of a player hater group – and she’s looking into filing a lawsuit.

As Richard Cohen recently told the LA Times:

I think there are a lot of people who flocked to LeafyIsHere’s YouTube channel because they felt as if they were strangers in their own nightclubs with the changing demographics in our club scene, the dislocations caused by Tinder, and the rise of game. All of those things contributed to a sense for many people, particularly NEETs, of alienation.

Saying that is a far cry from painting them all as a “incels” or suggesting that they are all out there committing player hate crimes.

There’s a virus in our country. It’s a virus called “player hating.”

When we look at the number of player haters, we’ve seen an increase in the past 15 years. When we look at people engaged in online player hate, like people who are registered subscribers of something like the LeafyIsHere YouTube channel, you’ll see an increase.

When the Southern Poverty Law Center was founded, less than 1 in 5 people in our country were pick-up artists. Today, that figure is more than double and the club scene is having growing pains. We’re not going to go through a change like this without there being some sand in the gears.

We define player haters as those that vilify entire groups of players for characteristics such as game, swagger or their hot tracks dropped on YouTube. The propensity for YouTube response videos is not a criterion for listing as a hate group. So sometimes groups that really have no propensity for YouTube response videos, although their rhetoric might foment it, object to be listed with Leafy. I understand that.

You have no idea how hard these people are about to come down on you, Leafy.

You thought PewDiePie losing his Disney contract was bad?

You’ve got no idea.

The SPLC has failed to get laws passed outlawing player hating, so now they target individuals who deserve it, such as anyone who even begins to question Jake Paul’s new track.

Some people need to be made example of so that this country learns that player hating is not free speech.