Jailers Wake Up Ghislaine Maxwell Every 15 Minutes to Make Sure She’s Still Alive

I don’t really think I believe this.


A lawyer for Ghislaine Maxwell on Tuesday complained to a federal judge that the accused accomplice of sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein is being “overmanaged” in jail, which includes having her sleep interrupted every 15 minutes by guards with a flashlight checking to see whether she’s still breathing.

Maxwell’s lawyer also said that the British socialite is not being given enough time in the Brooklyn, New York, federal jail to review documents related to her criminal case and to “prepare the defense of her life.”

The complaint comes 15 months after Maxwell’s former boyfriend, Epstein, died from what has been officially ruled a suicide by hanging in another federal jail in New York City, where the wealthy money manager was being held on child sex trafficking charges.

Weeks before he died, Epstein was found on the floor of his jail cell semiconscious with marks on his neck, in what was his first apparent suicide bid.

Two guards at that jail have been criminally charged with trying to cover up their failure to monitor him and other inmates on the day of his death.

Maxwell is currently in 14-day quarantine after possible exposure to a jail staffer with COVID-19, prosecutors revealed Monday. Prosecutors have said she tested negative for the coronavirus.

Frankly, I don’t know that I believe Maxwell was ever even arrested.

We still have no explanation as to why she was in America, waiting around to be arrested, given that she had a bag full of passports and France wouldn’t have extradited her (neither would Israel, obviously).

No element of the entire Epstein saga makes any sense, at all.

The arrest of Epstein was almost certainly illegal, given that he’d already been tried for the crimes they were accusing him of. They then raided his house, and admitted to finding all of the blackmail material – videos of famous people having sex with underage girls.

Then he was murdered in prison.

Then Maxwell, instead of leaving the country, hung around and waited to get arrested.

These people work for the Mossad. The FBI and Justice Department are effectively an arm of the Mossad, as evidenced by the fact that Epstein was let off the first time he was arrested.

What is going on here?