@jack Says That Mark Zuckerberg is CIA

I don’t think the Facebook rebranding is a good idea.

But @jack rebranding as being against big corporations is a good idea.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly wants to rename the site as part of his ambitions to create a virtual reality ‘metaverse’ – and competitors and critics have some suggestions on what it should be called.

The parent company of Facebook, which owns the social media network and other services, such as WhatsApp and Instagram, may soon have a new name. The looming rebranding was reported by The Verge this week. The outlet speculates that the corporation wants to have a name that includes the word ‘Horizon,’ since this is how Facebook’s under-development virtual reality (VR) platform is branded.

While the Silicon Valley behemoth is yet to confirm the report, yet alone disclose its new name if there indeed is one, there has been no shortage of suggestions hurled their way – including one from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

He responded to a tweet explaining the origin of the word ‘metaverse’ in a science fiction book, saying author Neal Stephenson was right in his prediction that a virtual world owned by private companies would be “a dystopian corporate dictatorship.” He then tweeted: “Central Intelligence Corporation,” apparently suggesting it would be a good name for Zuckerberg’s brainchild.

Okay, Jack.

Sure, Jack.


I know @jack was bullied into censoring everyone, and I know that after he became an establishment shill he had a total mental breakdown and went to Asia to take mushrooms and meditate or whatever.

But even if I could feel bad for him on a personal level, it still makes me sick that he would attempt to act like he’s something other than an absolute shill for the establishment.

The whole thing now is that shills are proud of being shills.

He should just roll with that.

No one is going to take you seriously, Jack, unless you unban me, weev, Donald Trump, Alex Jones and all the rest.