Jack Posobiec is a Textbook Ratfucker and He is Hurting the Trump Movement

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2017

Ratfucker” is a term for someone who uses dirty tricks to manipulate politics.

Twitter personality Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) is a ratfucker.

I want to state clearly off the bat that I personally consider morality itself to always be a pragmatic and scientific endeavor. I believe high-minded moral principles to be decadent and selfish. For the inverse of “the ends justify the means” is “the means justify the ends” – that is to say, one justifies losing and failing to accomplish his goals by claiming he kept to moral principles.

Again, this is just my personal view – but I view failure itself as the real immorality. If your goals are related to the greater good – and if you are a man of honor then they certainly should be – then by failing you are letting others down. If you say “well I only failed others because I was being true to what I believed to be right,” then you have selfishly harmed others for the sake of a personal indulgence.

In my mind, “the ends do not justify the means” morality is something that the boomers embraced out of selfishness, the desire to avoid the harsh reality that is a part of life. In real, adult life, you are sometimes required to make choices that make you feel bad.

That having been said, even one who takes a non-pragmatic approach to morality (i.e., a boomer) surely has reason enough to justify viewing modern politics as an amoral affair where dirty tricks are simply part of the game.

The odds are stacked against us no matter what by the very nature of a universal suffrage multicultural society. When you add to that nigh complete control of the media by our enemies, some amount of subterfuge becomes an absolute necessity.

All of this is to say, I am not bothered by the fact that Jack Posobiec is a ratfucking dirty tricks artist, assuming he is working towards the same goals as me. In fact, I have been reluctant to directly criticize Posobiec, given that he engaged in some mildly brilliant ratfucking during the campaign.

However, as it currently stands, I no longer believe that he is working towards the same goals as me. Since the election, his ratfucking has been progressively less focused on forwarding the agenda of Donald Trump and more focused on exploiting the Trump movement for self-promotion.

This process culminated this week in his hoaxing of knowledge of the identity of HanAssholeSolo, the Redditor who CNN has tried to blackmail with threats of doxing. Claiming to have insider info – which is his entire schtick – Posobiec tweeted that HanAssholeSolo was a homosexual 15-year-old. He then went so far as to offer the detail that he was upset over CNN threatening to dox him as he had only recently come out as a homosexual to his family.

This rumor gained such legs that it was spread by otherwise trustworthy sources such as the Daily Stormer and Donald Trump, Jr.

CNN, in responding to questions about the blackmail, focused in on the false claim about HanAssholeSolo’s age, saying that it was false, that he was middle aged.

When an archived comment from HanAssholeSolo stating that he was a teenager in 1990 when the Hubble Telescope was launched was dug up, Posobiec deleted the Tweets. He has not explained why he spread this lie.

I believe that Posobiec made this up, outright. It is possible that someone from CNN could have leaked this information to him for disinformation purposes, but if that were the case, why is he not now coming out with that information? Surely, CNN leaking disinformation to him would in itself be a story, no?

We can easily see why “gay boy victim” is a narrative he would make up – it sensationalized the story even further by making CNN seem even more out of control. Adding the homosexual element makes it look like CNN is violating their own principles by victimizing a victimized class.

Personally, I think that portraying a meme hero as homosexual is bad propaganda, on top of defaming a martyr. For most people on the right, the thought that this is a little queer boy we are fighting for is demoralizing. I don’t think the demoralization is justified by the implication of moral hypocrisy on the part of CNN.

But the bottom line is that the entire ratfuck itself was irresponsible. It would not have been difficult for Posobiec, if he were an effective political operator, to game out the fact that CNN would focus in on this point, using it to discredit complaints about the blackmail operation itself. Obviously, Andrew Kaczynski was aware that this was untrue, and he would try his best to prove it.

I suppose the Ratfucker Posobiec must have assumed that it would never be proved either way, not expecting that there was a specific reference to age in his post history. This was an extremely irresponsible gamble, however.

And was his intention here really to help Team Trump?

We can’t know his personal motives, of course, but there is very little positive that could have come from this, and such a large potential negative in giving CNN the opportunity to distort the entire discussion. And of course, the main beneficiary here was his Twitter feed.

Jack Posobiec’s Twitter Feed: Anatomy of a Ratfucking Hoax Machine

In the time since Trump’s victory, Posobiec has gone from being a clever dirty tricks operator to being a chronic liar and hoaxer, using falsehoods simply to give himself an edge in the new media landscape.

Having observed him more closely than I otherwise would have over the last two weeks, I have found that he is using an absolutely absurd strategy to promote himself on Twitter: basically, he makes up all kinds of things which he believes to be non-falsifiable, while claiming the information comes from insider connections he has.

He is using several measures to decide what to make up.

  • Plausibility – He makes claims that could come true and thus bolster his credibility and his image as a man with reliable insider sources.
  • Unfalsifiability – He continually decides which rats to fuck based on an inability for the claims to be proven false, in the case that they do not turn out to be true. This generally involves making a prediction, but framing it as “sources are telling me…”
  • Sensationalism – The claims must be scandalous in order to get those retweets.

Ratfucking Trump’s Poland Speech

Yesterday I went and watched a couple of his recent livestream Twitter Periscopes, which get archived on YouTube. In a video from earlier this week, before Trump gave his speech in Poland, he claims that he was given a copy of Trump’s Poland speech and was asked for note on it.


He claims to have given two suggestions for bits to include in the speech – and if you hear these bits, that’s him.

When making this claim, he repeatedly gives liar’s tells.

What he is actually doing is just anticipating obvious elements that trump would want in a Poland speech, and claiming he offered these. If they show up, he then bolsters his image as an insider with influence on the administration. If they don’t show up, well then they must have decided to skip over his suggestions.

This is then him using ratfuckery in a way that cannot even be construed as intended to help the Trump agenda. It is purely self-serving hoaxing to boost his own image and reputation.

That Time I Got Ratfucked by Jack Posobiec

Back in March, Posobiec tweeted that the Justice Department was opening an investigation into a “major Alt-Right website.”

He claimed to have an insider source, and to know the name of the site. He said that while he knew the name, he wasn’t allowed to say it – but he would say it wasn’t Infowars or Breitbart. This was effectively saying that it was the Daily Stormer, as there is no other major Alt-Right website.

At that time I still had respect for Posobiec, given what he had done during the campaign. As such, I considered his claim, and spent a lot of time thinking about what I could be charged with, given that I am quite certain I had done nothing wrong.

I had serious discussions with serious people about this (we concluded that the only possibility of charges would be related to people using the site’s private messaging function to do something or talk about doing something illegal, in which case I would not personally be charged).

And here we are, four months later, and neither the Stormer nor any other Alt-Right website has been charged with anything.

As it turns out, I was ratfucked by the ratfucker Jack Posobiec – something which resulted in me spending several mildly stressful hours of my life talking to confidantes and legal advisors about a hoax designed to boost Posobiec’s retweets.

Beyond boosting retweets with rumor of scandal, he was also telling a lie that had a nonzero chance of turning out to be true; he doesn’t know me and doesn’t know how careful I am with legal stuff (which is the reason my enemies are forced to press “civil” charges against me), and if I would have been charged with something, he could have danced around saying “look at how accurate my sources are!!!” The fact that I was not charged with anything means very little – it doesn’t disprove his claim that they were thinking about it at the time he tweeted it, and anyway, everyone but me has surely forgotten about that now.

This is a perfect example of the type of ratfucking that Posobiec has engaged in since the election.

He does it every day, I believe, but because of his relatively small audience, which is likely to be uncritical of him, along with the fact that he was on-point during the campaign, no one has pointed out what he is doing or how deleterious to the movement this behavior is.

Such a Level of Chronic Ratfucking is Outrageous

There are a lot of shady people trying to use the Trump movement to promote themselves for financial and otherwise personal reasons.

I am not automatically opposed to such people. If they are helping the general Trump agenda, it isn’t my business if they are making money doing it.

I also don’t really care if they are liars and snakes. As stated, my concerns are practical in nature.

I don’t even necessarily care if they are attacking the real Alt-Right, or pushing ideas that I disagree with. If I view them as having a generally positive effect on the Overton Window, then I am comfortable giving them a pass, and focusing my energies on Jews and other more immediate enemies.

However, some of these people are hurting the movement with their selfishness, and I am going to call them out for that.

Following the HanAssholeSolo ratfucking attempt by Jack Posobiec, I think it is now absolutely fair to say that this man is a liability who is actively harming the entire spectrum of the Trump movement with his self-serving lies and hoaxes.

I encourage you all to follow Posobiec on Twitter and call him out as a ratfucker whenever he makes these “insider” claims. Maybe he will stop it, maybe he won’t – but if he doesn’t, then he needs to get the reputation of being #RatfuckerJack so that the events of this week are not repeated.

In the future, whenever there is a rumor that can be traced back to #RatfuckerJack, do not take it seriously and do not spread it.

We are now a serious political movement, and credibility is crucial. Selfish retweet mongering is a very real danger to everything we are trying to accomplish.