Jack Nicklaus, Famous Golfer, Trump Supporter and Coronavirus Survivor, Calls Bullshit on Fake CDC Numbers

You’re not seeing this story, are you?

You see every single anti-Trump celebrity, most of them you’ve never even heard of, spammed for days.

But you don’t hear about the most famous golfer in history coming out and saying the coronavirus numbers are a hoax.

Fake news is as much about omission as anything else.

(They could also be denying him coverage because he’s from Columbus, Ohio, and the media is strongly racist against Ohio. They won’t even talk about the fact that we have the most opioid deaths. The only thing that gets coverage is that old kook Mike DeWine saying he supports the lunatic Anthony Fauci, and feels happy that he destroyed our state.)

Fox News:

Jack Nicklaus, fresh off his supportive tweet of President Trump, questioned whether the coronavirus death toll was correct in an interview published Friday.

Nicklaus talked to the Palm Beach Post about his decision to publicly support the president’s reelection. When asked about Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, the renowned golfer said he doesn’t think anybody would have done anything different than what Trump has done.

“Has he saved millions of lives or has he cost us lives? Nobody is going to know that. If you’re objective about it, nobody knows that. I think he’s done the best he can with the people he’s had,” he said.

Nicklaus, 80, said he knew two people whose parents had died from something other than COVID-19, and said the unnamed people were asked whether their deaths could be changed to COVID-19 and declined the request.

“The hospital gets more money with COVID death than they do another death,” the golf legend told the newspaper. “I’m sure there’s been a lot of that.”

Remember: this isn’t a theory.

Madam Birx said this, publicly – more than once.

And it was literally given to every hospital as a guidance by the CDC.

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This was all admitted in April, and the rules haven’t changed. People – especially me, but also Elon Musk and others – drew attention to it in April. They wouldn’t deny it in April. But now, Trump says it, and they just claim it’s a theory, despite the fact that anyone can watch these clips of Birx saying it or read the CDC’s own guidance.

March 24, buddy. It says March 24.

No one claims that this is a fake guidance from the CDC.

Calling this a conspiracy theory is actually beyond the pale.

We are living in a reality where the media can just say whatever the hell they want, and apparently, half the country believes them.

Nicklaus said he and his wife, Barbara, tested positive for the coronavirus in March. He said his wife was symptomatic, and he had a sore throat and cough.

“Sure, I was concerned,” he said. “I took hydroxychloroquine. Gone in two days.”

On his own Trump statement, Nicklaus said he’s received nothing but support.

Remember – Jack is 80 years old.

Of course it’s nothing but support for supporting Trump.

The people support TRUMP!

The only people who are against him are shills and freaks, and they’re careful about attacking old people. It’s bad optics, so they just ignore them.