Jack Dorsey is Weird as Heck

Tucker Carlson referred last night to Jack Dorsey as “That Peyote Guy” while presenting an image of him at this week’s senate hearing.

“That Peyote Guy” is what he looked like.

During Tucker’s interview with Senator Josh Hawley, the one Senator who is allegedly trying to get control of these tech companies, Hawley referred to him as “really weird.”

That description also fits.

What is going on with this guy?

I guess he is just totally whacked out on drugs.

But in that case, how is he running a major company? One of the single most powerful companies in the world?

Well, presumably, he’s not actually running the company, and is instead functioning as a figurehead.

During the hearing at the Senate on Wednesday, he clearly didn’t seem to have any significant understanding of the way the company that he allegedly runs actually works.

The clip that is going around is of Ted Cruz pressing him. That was the best clip.

In it, it was very obvious he has no idea what is going on with really anything at all.

One thing is certain: he seems completely harmless. He doesn’t seem like he’s capable of engaging in an anti-American conspiracy, or anything hostile at all.

He is just a totally whacked out drug guy.

So who is running the company?

Well, long before the Senate ever took interest in Twitter censorship, back in March of 2019, Dorsey was questioned by Tim Pool and Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Because Dorsey had no idea how his company is run, he brought with him to the interview a woman named “Vijaya Gadde,” a fat Indian female who appeared to have a lot of authority over the company, and in fact, authority over Jack Dorsey.

Note that Jack Dorsey was significantly less weird looking back then. He had not yet completed his total transformation into “Peyote Sage.”

Gadde lectured poor Tim Pool like he was a delinquent schoolboy – and left him looking like one!

I don’t think that Gadde is the single figure running the company, but she is clearly more involved in running it than Dorsey is. I assume that the company is run by a council, which is overseen by Jews and members of the Democrat Party.

Funnily enough, there is a similarity between the way Dorsey runs Twitter and how they are planning to use Joe Biden to run the country: put up a harmless braindead figure, and hide the dark council behind the veil.

Frankly, it’s a similar situation with Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google. He is a totally harmless Indian man, who appears to have completely no idea what is going on. Last time he appeared before Congress, he just pretended (I guess he was pretending) like he had no idea what any of the questions meant, and the Old White Men™ who were interviewing him let him off the hook, because they didn’t want to be racist. The same thing happened this time.

This whole process of interviewing these people is just a Mexican donkey show. It has no purpose, other than spectacle. The spectacle is meant to make it look like our government is doing something to regulate these powerful companies, when in actual fact, they are doing nothing and they won’t do anything until someone forces them to do something.

The best way that we can force them to do something is to start removing them from office, using the primary system. As I’ve said many times lately: assuming we win the election, our #1 goal as the right-wing needs to be using the primary system to remove GOP politicians from office in 2022.

Basically, every single GOP Congressperson is bad. I’ll let Josh Hawley slide, since he’s actually pushing the issue of free speech, but every single other GOP Congressperson that I’m aware of should be challenged in a primary. Most likely, we’ll have to narrow down our focus, so that we can make sure we remove some of them. Probably, we should focus on the ones that are especially disliked. As I’ve said, it’s a shame we missed doing this to Ben Sasse in 2020, as that would have been very easy, if we’d put our energy into it. But starting immediately after this election, we need to find which Congresspeople are up for reelection, and figure out which ones we are going to target for removal in the primaries. Then, we start fundraising and start pushing for activism in the targeted areas.

Let everyone know: this is the plan.