It’s Time to Tear Down the Martin Luther King Monument in Washington, DC

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2017

The Jew controlled Communist Negroid sex pervert Michael King.

Michael King AKA Martin Luther King has been a revered cultural icon in America for decades now. This insanity was clearly the result of a psychotic derangement that exists within the minds of many in the baby boomer generation.

Let’s not sugarcoat the reality of things. MLK was a communist nigger and a sex pervert. Newly released files relating to the JFK assassination have further confirmed King’s disgusting sexual perversions.

Does anybody actually believe that a communist nigger who engaged in such depravity deserves to have a monument in his honor? Even if it could be proven that he wasn’t a sex pervert, he was still a communist and a nigger. Such individuals deserve no such honors in America.

If statues and monuments dedicated to great men like Robert E. Lee are taken down over hurt feelings, then everything related to MLK should be immediately removed from the public square. We can start by removing the MLK monument in Washington, DC. From there we can change every street named after MLK and rename them to honor patriots like George Lincoln Rockwell. And MLK Day? That will be changed to something far less offensive. Dylan Roof Day is a much less offensive option that we can consider.

I do not believe that the MLK monument should be destroyed though. It should simply be moved to a more suitable location.

The good news is that I have found a perfect place for it.

According to my extensive scientific research, the Smithsonian National Zoo seems to be the best place to relocate this monument. Ideally, it should be placed inside the gorilla enclosure. Considering the resemblance between gorillas and niggers, it makes perfect sense to put the MLK monument with the gorillas. School children will than be able to learn how the nigger is a far more destructive creature than the gorilla. MLK is a perfect example to help teach this very valuable life lesson.

Some will claim that this is not the right approach, but I totally disagree. We must all remember that gorillas have dreams too!