It’s Time to Make White Children Feel Personal Pain to Learn About White Privilege

It’s time to have a difficult conversation about privileged white children. The fact is, white children are privileged, and they need to learn about that privilege early, and they need to be made to feel trauma as a result of it. As Nikki Haley says, this trauma that is inflicted on children needs to cause them personal pain if we are ever going to end racism.

Many black children have suffered, so it is up to us, in the name of justice, to turn the lives of white children into a living nightmare in order to even out the score.

Thankfully, British mothers are taking the time to explain to their children that they are racist scum who deserve to die for the crimes they committed by enslaving the blacks.

Helen Leathem is teaching her stupid little white brat a lesson she desperately needs to learn.

Look at this stupid little white bitch:

It brings happiness to my heart to know that this stupid little white bitch is being forced to acknowledge her privilege.

But is that enough?

No, of course not.

Here’s another picture of her, looking oh-so-happy:

Do you think any black child ever looked that happy?

No, of course not.

While white children are playing and feeling joy, black children are running for their lives, hiding in the shadows as the cops hunt them down to murder them.

Every 30 seconds in America, a white cop kills a black child. That means that in the time it takes you to watch a rerun of Seinfeld, American cops have killed 60 little innocent black babies who only wanted to survive, but weren’t allowed to because of the color of their skin.

We need to take the happiness and joy away from white children, and make them suffer just like the blacks if we’re ever going to have true equality. We need to turn the entire existence of white toddlers into an endless nightmare, from which they can never escape.

Then, maybe, they’ll begin to have some inkling of how hard it is for the blacks who are being literally genocided because the cops hate the beautiful hue of their luscious ebony tone.

Literally, when a white cop sees a black person, rage boils up because he has so much hatred for the color of their skin. They have an aesthetic distaste for the way the color looks, and so they’re committing a genocide.

And that’s why white dumb little privileged white cunts like this 2-year-old need to learn the ultimate lesson, and to pay the ultimate price.

Stupid little racist bitch… look at her stupid hate-filled eyes… she’d be killing blacks right now if someone gave her a badge and a gun…. I CAN’T BREATHE, YOU DUMB WHITE BITCH! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?

I see her stupid white face and it makes me sick that she lives in privilege because the cops think her skin color is aesthetically pleasing.

Like Nikki Haley says, this little bitch needs to be put through personal pain for what she’s done.

She needs to suffer.

Picture the scariest and most disgusting horror movie you’ve ever seen in your life, then multiply that by 1000: that’s what we need to be making white children feel every second of their lives.

I’m glad her mother is shaming her for her race, but that simply isn’t enough. It isn’t painful enough to simply inflict psychological trauma on a 2-year-old. The pain needs to be more extreme. It needs to be more personal.

Thankfully, anti-racist educator Tim Wise is coming up with new ways to inflict extreme pain and life-ruining trauma on white children.

Just for the record, Tim Wise is a lot less evil than your normal white piece of shit because he’s Jewish. Just so you understand. He barely survived the Holocaust, when white racist bastards killed 6 billion Jews because they hated the length of their noses, the evil white bastards.

Appearing on CNN this week, he said we need to take away the precious innocence of little white children by inflicting pain on them and permanently damaging them psychologically.

We all agree that they need to feel personal pain and that they need to have their innocence taken away, but most whites are still too racist to think of new ways to inflict this pain and trauma on white toddlers.

We need to take away every ounce of hope and completely crush their will to live.

We need to ensure that all white people grow up to be white allies to the blacks – that is, devote their lives to serving blacks, as a way to make up for their hatred, their racism and their white privilege.

We need all white women turn out like this:

And all white men turn out like this:

I think it’s time that we made white toddlers feel what they forced George Floyd to feel.

I think we need to get black men to step on the necks of white toddlers, so they can feel what it feels like to not be able to breathe.

If some of the white toddlers die when we allow grown black men to suffocate them – well, then that’s just tough cookies.

Excuse me while I feel oh-so-sad about torturing white children to death.

Just so you know, I’m being sarcastic.

The fact is, tens of thousands of black men are killed by cops every single day in America, and if we’re ever going to bring equality, we’re going to have to start torturing and killing white children.