It’s Time to Fight Back Against the Taliban

The Taliban attacked our troops in Afghanistan, and Beijing Joe Biden won’t do nothing about it. Women and children over there are being killed by the Taliban in the name of Allah.

They make their women cover up and they won’t let them go to school.

They kill the gays.

We can’t let this happen. We have to defend our country.

It’s time to deploy the US Military to fight the Taliban.

Dan Crenshaw is an American hero. He lost his eye fighting for freedom and defending America from the Taliban. Now Afghan Joe is just letting those ragheads kill our boys.

We’ve gotta hit em and hit em hard.

We gotta go in and clean out the Taliban from Afghanistan, or our freedoms will never be safe.

The Taliban killed our troops because they hate our freedom.

Dan Crenshaw doesn’t need two eyes to see the forest from the trees: this war ain’t over until we get the Taliban out.

Our marines is dying out there, they’re heroes fighting against pure evil that kills gays.

These Talibans are a bunch of ragheads and the Democrat snowflakes are so triggered they’re siding with the terrorists like a bunch of cucks.

Like Crenshaw says: it says in the Bible that we should invade Afghanistan so that the prophecy can be fulfilled when the Taliban is taken out.

Like Ted Cruz said too, them boys are heroes. We can never repay the debt we owe these boys for protecting our nation from Sharia Law.

If we ain’t have them boys in Afghanistan, we’d all be living under Sharia Law right now, and those liberals just don’t have no respect for the troops who fight and died to keep this country free.

We been over there trying to win this war, and Joe Biden pulled the rug out from under our boys over there. Now, they killed our boys in our own airport and Afghan Joe is lovin’ it with the Nancy and the rest of em.

How much more are Americans gonna take before we stand up and fight back against those Taliban?

Like Bibi says, those boys gave their lives for security in Israel.

But Joe Biden hates Israel, just like Obama did. He hates the Jews and the Blacks. You check the history of the Democrat Party, and you’ll see it’s the same as the Hitler Party.

Republicans did everything to stop racism.

Now those liberal snowflake cucks are saying that the marines are the racists.

Well, how about you look in the mirror, Democrats? You might find the racists you’re looking for. The Democrats are the party of the KKK.

Conservatives don’t even see color. It’s not about that. This is about defending the Constitution from Sharia Law, and it’s time we stood up for our Constitution and took a stand against the Taliban.

Like Todd Starnes says, we gotta start killing entire cities of Talibans, and get Sharia Law out from Afghanistan. You saw what they did to those women, won’t even let them drive a car. Not to mention what they did to the gays.

Democrats don’t care nothing for the gays. If you want to see whose protecting the gays, you’re gonna look at the same party that freed the slaves.

I’m sorry snowflake, but when these ragheads kill our boys, that means war.

Like Lindsey Graham says, we can’t surrender now. We gotta secure this airport, for the honor of our dignity and freedom. If we don’t get ahold of this airport right now, we’re gonna be living under Sharia Law and Jihad Joe is bringing it right down on us.

We gotta play hardball with evil.

It’s time to untie the hands of our military and let me do what they need to do. Time to start hooking up Talibans to car batteries and waterboarding em til we find out who took out our airport.

You call up Allah and tell him to get those 72 virgins ready for haji, he’s coming in hot off the glass parking lot.

It’s time to drop a nuke on Afghanistan and all the rest of them Muslims, after what they done to our boys over there. If we don’t fight em over there, they’re coming over here.

Do you want Sharia Law being done on your daughter? Do you want her to have an education and the college experience, or do you want her married off at 13 and having babies?

We gotta get our people out, Joe. We gotta bring in them people that helped us to fight this Taliban. They’re our friends, Joe. Them babies over there Joe, they don’t wanna live under Sharia Law. We’re trying to get our people out Joe, and it’s time to send in the vets to clear these Talibans.

We gotta get these folks to safety, Joe.

We gotta take revenge, Joe.

They killed our boys, Joe.

This is about our freedoms.

We gotta go into Afghanistan, long enough to get rid of the Taliban, and then we can declare victory and get out. It shouldn’t take more than six months, tops.