It’s Time for Someone to Do Something About These Racist Bird Names

This bird’s official name is “The Crouching Nigger Rapist.” Do you see how that’s problematic?

This is the struggle of our time.

We are on the brink of a socialist utopia, and one of the last things standing in our way is racist bird names.


A new study by researchers based in the UK and US has called on wildlife bodies to do more in recognizing the “offensive or ignorant” names of some birds, many of which are deemed inappropriate due to their colonial-era naming.

In a recent paper, Robert Driver of East Carolina University and Alexander Bond of the UK’s Natural History Museum, note that many bird names were chosen in the 18th and 19th centuries and reflect the dominant European perspective on science of the time.

The study argues that many of these names are no longer appropriate in the modern world, even adding that some are harmful and offensive in that they are “damaging, racist or bigoted.”

Driver and Bond state that many of the names used today were in fact coined by European settlers and conquerors and consequently saw indigenous names thrown out.

The authors argue that the continued use of some names that are deemed problematic hampers the development of their discipline into a “more diverse and inclusive” one. 

While the study notes previous examples of ‘positive’ name changes, it also cites problematic names which are yet to be changed, including the Inca Dove, which although not racist, is “arguably the most ignorantly named bird in North America.” The bird’s migratory path does not take it through lands previously settled by the Incas.

Some of the most common birds in North America, including vultures, flycatchers and robins, all retain European names despite being indigenous to the Americas and not sharing ancestral lineage with their European namesakes, the authors write.

Their paper also notes that the Sora is the only bird in North America which retains a standardized common name from “presumably a North American Indigenous language” – but the exact source of the name has been lost.

While not wanting to be too “prescriptive,” the authors do make several suggestions for tackling the aforementioned challenges.

First, “bodies deciding on English common names must accept that the use of some common names is damaging, racist or bigoted, even if they do not find it personally inappropriate,” they write. Then they must work with groups affected by the inappropriate names to “rectify the harm” and work towards a “mutually agreed solution.” 

People are being damaged by these bird names.

And then you want to ask why we still haven’t gotten a utopia after decades of Democrat policies pushing for a utopia?

The white supremacists are still holed up in the bird-naming industry, and they’re bringing the whole society down.

This bird’s name is “The Coonskin Bootlip Ape K-Mart Looter.” Starting to see how this hurts people’s feelings?

The time for diversity and inclusion in bird-naming was yesterday.

It’s 2016!

Change the bird names!