It’s That Time of Year Again: CNN Now Quoting Stormer, Interviewing Richard Spencer to Attack Trump

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2019

It’s been a while since the media talked about the far-right – but all that is about to change, because it’s campaign time, and they’re just going to reuse all the exact same talking points against Donald Trump that they did last time.

It’s already begun.

CNN did a piece on Tuesday quoting me and Patrick Casey and actually interviewing Richard Spencer on TV. Then it went to some ADL yenta, the whole bit. You all know the routine.

They’re certainly not going to come out and say that Donald Trump didn’t do even a single one of the things he promised to do, because they’re against all of the things he promised to do and they actually want people to believe he did do those things.

Like, they say he’s putting all of the wetbacks in concentration camps. But actually, we’ve had the highest levels of immigration in US history in the first half of this year, and virtually all of them were released into the country – with bus tickets and work permits.

So Trump benefits from this coverage. Trump voters want immigrants in concentration camps. I think CNN knows that this time around, but they just don’t have any other strategy, so they’re going with what they know. There’s also a pretty high probability that a lot of Democrat politicians, as well as reporters and media bosses, don’t even care about winning the 2020 election or would prefer if Trump won. These people gain a lot of power by attacking Trump, and it turned out he didn’t end up gassing them all, so there’s no real reason to try too hard to stop him from being reelected.

A lot of these people are playing the long game, looking at the demographics, and understanding that the most important thing is to desensitize people to these ultra-radical ideas they’re presenting about open borders, a total government takeover of the economy in the name of global warming, gun confiscation, arresting and prosecuting political dissidents, etc., etc., etc.

So, that’s where we’re at, and apparently, the media is going to start covering the Daily Stormer again. I’m not sure if anyone has emailed me because I haven’t checked my email in a few days. I doubt they are going to ever print direct quotes that I give them again – instead, they’ve taken to printing manufactured, fake quotes and then refusing to retract them or stop printing fake quotes. I am not interested in giving them any quotes anyway.

Richard Spencer on the other hand appears to have gotten a slot as the new David Duke.

It’s good work if you can get it.

I like Richard, we’ve always gotten along, and I’m personal friends with David. But what the media did with David was bring him out whenever they wanted to attack someone and introduce him as KKK GRAND WIZARD in a Two Minutes Hate type ritual. They quoted him widely in the media as recently as when Ilhan Omar came out against Israel and AIPAC, telling the goyim that she must be evil because the evil pointy-hat man supports her.

They will always introduce Richard as the guy who did the sieg heil after Trump was elected. Even though he didn’t actually do a sieg heil (it was members of his audience).

I’m sure Richard understands that they’re using him for this purpose. But again – it doesn’t really matter, because no one actually cares. We already know that no one cares. It was tested in 2016. So, I don’t think people should criticize Richard for doing this. It doesn’t make any difference if he does it or not. If he didn’t do it, they would just pump someone else up as the incarnation of evil and use them. Because it’s just a planned circus show, and the specific person is irrelevant to the process. They’re not actually looking at any of Spencer’s ideas.

Anyway. I hope they leave me out of it. I don’t want to be a part of this Jewish freakshow. I don’t get traffic from it. I am an e-celebrity and can go on actually good podcasts whenever I want, I have no need to be involved with retro Jew media.

It just causes stupid problems.

Since the publishing of those Data & Society reports (here and here), you can’t do anything funny with the media anymore anyway.

I just want to write my articles and be left unmolested by these weird Jews.