It’s Party Time, Kids. White Boy Summer.

All white people wanted to do was work, live in houses, drive cars, grill out on the weekends, send the boys on camping trips and just be cool and friendly with everyone… but it was not to be

Some of those people we were cool and friendly with are coming to kill us all.

Top two stories in America:

This is absolute filler, because I’ve got stuff to do today and I am working on fixing up a 5,000 word piece on Tucker Carlson and the Jews.

Filler or not, this is a true story: Google News catalogs the top news stories from every major news outlet. It’s a smart algorithm. It’s probably the single smart algorithm left, because they can just blacklist me and others they don’t want, which doesn’t require mass social engineering.

These are the top two news stories, which shows you that the media is revving the engines to full blast.

The top of reddit is…

Oh. I guess that’s… communism? Sadness?


r/News is all anti-white hate stuff.

All of this stuff is part of the same agenda: anti-white hate.

This is not some hoax, Joe Biden is not going to shut it down. This is real life, and it’s happening now.

It’s gonna be a white boy summer.