Surprise Attack: Evil Traitor John McCain Single-Handedly Sinks Obamacare Repeal

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2017


Breitbart is blaming McCain.

And their comments section looks like the DS comments section.

Hating the GOP and mocking a WAR HERYA with brain cancer – we wouldn’t have seen normiecons doing that a year ago, I can tell you that.

The memes are having a ripple effect.


I would have liked to have see Trump do a Tweet about how this is just the brain tumor voting or something along those lines. Instead he just blamed “3 Republicans.”

Well, it wasn’t “3 Republicans.” It was two random brainless sluts who would know a government bill from a discount rack at Louis Vuitton and one Republican (can women even read?) – TRAITOR John McCain. Who just wants to give future generations and the country itself one last good kick in the teeth  before he dies. This piece of shit has been kicking our teeth in his entire live – ever since he betrayed us to the Viet Cong – but I guess he looked down at toothless America and said “looks like they still got a molar there in the back – I’ll get that one kicked out on the way down.”

Well John. We’ve got a brand new set of teeth. And we’re going to be chomping with them, long after your dead and buried in your grave I’m going to make sure smells like piss for hundreds of years.

Original article follows.

We all should have assumed that when John McTumor was flying back to Washington on the verge of death that he was doing it to give Trump and the American people one last good hard kick in the teeth.

The evil sonovabitching bastard.

Washington Post:

Republicans’ seven-year quest to wipe out President Obama’s Affordable Care Act came to a crashing halt around 1:30 this morning, when Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) shockingly bucked his party and voted against a scaled-down repeal bill that emerged as the Senate’s last-ditch effort. It’s now clear that replacing Obamacare — or even repealing small parts of it — may be forever a pipe dream for President Trump and the GOP, whose deep divisions over the U.S. health-care system proved unbridgeable in the end.

Gasps broke out around the Senate chamber early this morning as McCain walked to the dais and uttered “no” on the “skinny repeal” bill. Two other Republicans — Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska — had already opposed it, making McCain the third GOP no vote and the senator to ultimately sink the measure. It was a surreal scene; until the end, McCain wasn’t among the senators expected to defect. Earlier this week, McCain made a quick return visit to Capitol Hill after surgery related to his recent diagnosis of brain cancer to help Republicans start health-care debate, for which Trump had praised him warmly.

Yeah, even Trump didn’t expect the evil old bastard to pull a stunt like this.

The only people capable of predicting that were the Jews.

What a nasty old bastard.

He’s got weeks to live, and he wants his last big political act to just ruin something for no reason.

Even Herpel Derpson Rand Paul has gone along with this.

The only reason McTumor is doing this is to hurt Trump, and to hurt America, the thing he hates more than anything else on earth.

And this is the reason he flew back to Washington. This was his plan. To make the statement.

And Trump was actually nice to him when he made the flight back to Washington, having no idea that this was his plan: one last middle finger to America and her people.

John McCain will go down in history the worst traitor this nation has ever seen.

I  certainly can’t  think of anyone worse.

And I very much expect that when he dies, a whole lot of bad information is going to come out about him.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he’s been working for the Viet Cong this whole time.

While the health-care debate will never really be over — and lawmakers are still under pressure to respond to some Obamacare marketplace ills — Republicans appear to have landed at a dead end on their top legislative priority six months into Trump’s presidency.

The House is soon departing for the long August recess and the Senate will follow in another week or two. The aim was to start work on a tax rewrite, another key GOP priority, once members return in September. One thing seems apparent: Republican leaders are unlikely to have any more appetite for prolonging the sour health-care debate they’ve tried to press for the last few months, judging from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) eulogy-style speech on the floor last night, right after the vote failed:

“This is a disappointment, this is a disappointment indeed,” McConnell said. “I regret our efforts were simply not enough this time.”

“What we tried to accomplish for the American people was the right thing for the country and our only regret tonight is that we didn’t achieve what we had hoped to accomplish,” he added. “It’s time to move on.”

Yeah, nothing left to do but move on.

But it wasn’t “your” efforts that failed – you were thwarted by two women, who can’t be blamed for their behavior because women are stupider than dog shit and they hate Trump by virtue of the fact that they bleed for a week every month, and by John McCain, who did this purely out of spite.

Here’s the thing: McTumor doesn’t give a shit about healthcare. No one in the government does (Rand Derp claims to but this is just part of a failed image management strategy), and whatever this repeal is is irrelevant, it can all be changed later.

McTumor is taking revenge on Trump for cutting funding to ISIS and attempting to mend relations with Russia. McCain’s entire legacy was starting and attempting to start wars for Jews in the name of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” And then flooding our country with the victims of these wars and any other brown people he can find to flood us with.

He’s also bitter that Trump is simply a better man than he is, and got to be President when he didn’t even come close.

This is absolutely beyond the pale.

I am so enraged by this right now, having a hard time not smashing things in my room.

This is how evil these people are. Even just before they die, they want to destroy. One last chance to destroy, to harm America and the future for our children.

But know this: he will go down in history as the traitor that he is.

And also know this: we are going to make pilgrimages to Arizona to piss on his grave.

As this is going to be relevant soon – public urination is not illegal in Arizona. It is only illegal if you expose your johnson. But as all gentlemen are aware, you can easily open your fly and piss straight out of the hole without your willy exiting your trousers. Sure, you might get a bit of a drizzle on the inside of your jeans, but the overwhelming majority is going to be on McCain’s grave.

I picture a situation where for centuries, McCain’s burial place will smell like piss, as every day hundreds of people will travel to Arizona to desecrate it with urine.

We’ll figure out a way to do this, legally. If the “keep your dick inside your jeans and piss out the fly” method doesn’t work, then we can just piss in water bottles and pour them out on his grave.

Other Upshot

As far as I’m able to tell, this means the entire plan to repeal and or replace Obamacare is officially dead. That at least means I won’t have to read or write about it for a while.

And maybe just letting it implode is not so bad.

All of that blood will be on John McCain’s already blood-drenched hands.

This is just… it’s an unbelievable thing. To just purposefully do something harmful to America before he dies, simply because he hates the country.