It’s Over: California Finally Does Random Coronavirus Antibodies Testing, Infection Rate 50 Times What They Claimed

Random testing was done through drive-up testing stations in Los Angeles County, and the results should be shocking to true believers in the hysteria.

To very little fanfare, the first US random testing for coronavirus antibodies has taken place, destroying the baseless and hysterical claims by the Western health establishment, governments and media that this virus is significantly more dangerous than the flu.

Here at the Daily Stormer, we told you that as soon as they did random testing of the population, it would prove that a huge portion of the population has this virus, and thus it is not anywhere near as deadly as they claim.

Well, the first random testing data is here, based on tests carried out in Los Angeles County using drive-up testing centers. The study is based on data collected between April 10-11, and by rights it should crush the minds of every believer in this hoax.

New York Times:

On Monday, officials in Los Angeles County released preliminary results of a study that suggest roughly 4.1 percent of the county’s adult population has already had the coronavirus, which translates to between 221,000 and 442,000 people, factoring in adjustments for statistical margin of error.

That’s a much, much higher number than confirmed case counts indicate. (As of early Tuesday morning, the county had 13,816 cases.)

“We haven’t known the true extent of Covid-19 infections in our community because we have only tested people with symptoms, and the availability of tests has been limited,” Neeraj Sood, a professor of public policy at the University of Southern California and lead investigator on the study, said in a statement.

Dr. Barbara Ferrer, L.A. County’s public health director, said in a statement that the early results pointed to the possibility that many people may have been unknowingly infected.

The media is not doing the math on this. So let’s do it ourselves.

There are 10 million people in Los Angeles County. So if we run with the 4.1%, that means that 410,000 people have been infected and had developed antibodies when the testing was done in early April.

The official death toll at time of writing is 617.

That means the fatality rate is 0.15%. For comparison, the standard fatality rate for the flu is cited as between 0.1% and 0.2%.

So as we’ve stated since the initial data began emerging, the coronavirus is literally the flu.

This chart explains to you just how badly these people have lied to you:

In fact, the coronavirus numbers are exactly the same as the graph on the left, and the chart on the right is utter nonsense, created using the most dishonest imaginable statistical manipulation.

As I explained in detail on April 1, the case fatality rate of the flu has always been calculated using random testing of the general population and estimating a total number of infected. With coronavirus, they’ve calculated the fatality rate exclusively based on those who were tested because they were sick enough to seek treatment at a hospital. Then, these people in the media had the nerve to publish those two completely unrelated graphs alongside one another.

I’m obligated to remind you as well that the numbers of dead are fake, as the CDC has openly ordered hospitals to record any death that could conceivably be from coronavirus as being from coronavirus, and clearly, there is a strong effort to inflate these numbers. If you had honest data, you would end up with a coronavirus case fatality rate under 0.1%.

To put all of this in perspective, consider that this testing was done between April 10-11. On April 10, according to the Los Angeles Times, there were only 8,400 cases of coronavirus in LA County.

Now we know the number was actually 410,000. That means that they were reporting an infection rate nearly 50 times lower than the actual infection rate, while at the same time trying to maximize the number of deaths.

It should also be noted that this high of an infection rate also speaks to just how nonsensical this “do social distancing and stay locked in your house all the time, but a few times a week you can go crowd together in a supermarket” regime is.

At the time of these tests, the California stay-at-home order had been in place for nearly a month.

This Will be Buried

The media is not going to report on this California testing as a top story.

The above quoted New York Times article that first reported these numbers on Tuesday did not carry the headline “California Infection Rate Nearly 50 Times What was Claimed by the Governor” or “It was All a Hoax.” No, their headline was – no joke – “What to Know About Studies Using Antibody Tests.”

A second article on the California testing was published later in the day on Tuesday, which had the slightly more informative headline “Coronavirus Infections May Not Be Uncommon, Tests Suggest.”

But that doesn’t speak in any way to the severe and important nature of this study, which literally means that this entire lockdown is a gigantic hoax.

To their credit, they did syndicate the much better Associated Press headline on the story – “Los Angeles Study Suggests Virus Much More Widespread” – on their website, though it did not appear on the front page.

And I mean, still. Come on. That really still does not even come close to communicating the fact that the infection rate is 50 times higher, and thus the fatality rate is 50 times lower, than the government and media have previously claimed.

This story is not running as the top story on Google News. It isn’t the top story on any website, other than this one you’re reading now. It will be ignored, it will be buried, they will continue to show you charts saying that the death rate of the coronavirus is 100 times that of the flu.

If this study gains more traction among the people, the media and government will simply declare that it was wrong.

They have to keep pushing this because they are locked in, they are using this hoax to roll out an entire new society, and they are not going to be stopped by the fact it’s been proven to be the biggest hoax of all time.

It was All a Hoax

It’s time to take a step back and look at the whole of this: based on completely fake data, which was knowingly manipulated, the US government took steps to completely destroy the American economy and wipe out the middle class.

The media was not only complicit in this hoax, they were the driving force behind it.

This is the single greatest crime which has ever been committed in all of human history.

Untold millions of people are going to lose their jobs because of this hoax.

Every small business in America is going to go under.

Millions of families are going to be destroyed as divorce will be rampant.

Generations of children will grow up with no hope of a future.

A new and bizarre police state system has been ushered in, under which you will have no rights.

The government has already begun arresting Christians.

I haven’t been to the gym in six weeks and I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get back.

All for a hoax.

The media is going to keep promoting lies about this virus in the media forever, but anyone you see on the internet still promoting this hoax should be assumed to have either transitioned from a temporary state of mass hysteria into a permanent state of insanity or be lying on purpose as part of some kind of bizarre agenda.

It is now time to attempt to understand why they did this, as we try to grasp the direction that things are going in.

A New World Order is coming into view.