It’s Only a Matter of Time Before the Blacks are Looting Your Middle Class Residential Neighborhood

This is the official photo of 2020.

I’m not particularly emotional in general, but this video from St. Louis of an old black ex-cop dying with the young black hopping around got to me.

It’s also sort of morbidly funny that the last thing this guy heard while he was dying was this other black hopping around and saying “stay with me OG! Over some TVs, Cuz! Over some TVs!”

He must have been thinking, “nigga call the ambulance nigga I’m dyin’ here nigga what you hollerin’ about I’m dyin’ here call the ambulance!”

But yeah, it’s more sad than it is funny. For sure. Like the black was shouting, he’s somebody’s granddad, and no one deserves to get shot down like that.

David Dorn, 77, was a retired police officer who was trying to defend his business from looters when he was shot in the gut. He died shortly thereafter.

To be fair, his business was a pawn shop, Lee’s Pawn & Jewelry. Which is a pretty scummy line of business to be in. You’re necessarily dealing with a criminal element in that business, so this is to a degree a “live by the sword, die by the sword” situation.

But it’s representative of what these riots are now turning into, and the fact that it’s only really a matter of time before they spread to white residential areas, and the blacks start kicking in the doors of people’s homes.

There are already large numbers of black bystanders getting wrecked out there. The St. Louis pawn shop owner wasn’t the only one. Their neighborhoods are being completely destroyed and while the good ones are calling for an end to the riots, the TV and the Antifa are calling them cowards and saying this has to keep going.

This other black woman had a gun pulled on her in a parking lot of a store that had been looted because she was trying to clean up the mess.

We also had this scene – not sure in what city – where some white college kids were saluting the black rioters and had bricks thrown through their windows.

That video is getting a lot of play because they yelled “we’re on your side!” as the blacks bricked them, but the notable thing about it is that these are white people in a residential building having bricks thrown through their windows.

We’re getting very close to the point where none of us are going to feel safe in our homes.

People are accusing me of not supporting the president in sending troops onto the streets to clean this up. I do support that, however. Because there is literally no other choice at this point. They are going to be kicking in our doors.

I’m very concerned that the troops will never be pulled off of the streets.

In France, they had an Islamic bombing in 1995 and the military was released on the streets as an “emergency measure.” It is 2020, and that emergency measure is still in effect. Any scene you see from France, there is military on the streets.

And maybe that is just the reality of a multicultural society. Maybe there is no choice but to have the military on the streets to keep the peace. The thing is, the cops are already militarized, and they could clear out these riots very quickly if they wanted to. But they seem to want to use these riots to hurt Donald Trump, at the very least. At the worst, they are working to trigger the release of the military on purpose.

There is virtually no chance that there won’t be a second wave of the coronavirus hoax in September. It simply worked too well for them to not do it again. I say “again,” but with these riots I think many of us have forgotten that we are currently still living under coronavirus lockdowns. It remains the law, in June, that we have to stand 6 feet apart from each other.

Donald Trump has already talked about using the military to vaccinate people.

So the idea that the military is going to be released now, and that they are not still going to be on the streets when the second coronavirus hoax comes through, is just stupid. Of course they will still be there. And of course the liberals – and probably Trump too – will be compelled to use them to enforce the quarantine measures.

We will then be in a militarized virus police state.

But yes – there is no choice now, with these riots out of control and the cities refusing to stop them. Unless they die down – and there are claims that they weren’t as bad Tuesday night – then the military will have to be sent in.

I would like Trump to instead give some kind of real threat to the governors and force them to use their own police forces to stop these riots, because the idea of sending the military out to every major city in America – something that has never happened in the history of the country – is just incredibly concerning to me. But apparently, Trump doesn’t know how to make that kind of threat to the governors, and his only potential solution to this is to release the military.

So be it then.

They’re closing in on the suburbs now and they’re going to start South Africa type mass killings if someone doesn’t do something.

It’s a complete lose-lose situation. That is by design.