It’s Official: In the Case of Another Black Riot in Baltimore, the Police Plan to Stand Down

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June 5, 2015

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn “Mrs. Ringmaster” Mosby is seeking a protective order to block the release of Freddie Gray’s autopsy and other sensitive documents being used for the prosecution of six Baltimore Police officers.

An attorney representing one of the six officers who were involved in the arrest of the known heroin dealer (who had spent two years in jail) said:

“…there is something in that autopsy report that they are trying to hide.”

The League of Shadows, the fictional group of terrorists in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy who wanted to restore order to the world by destroying Gotham City, had in all wrong when it came to their tactics of bringing the world’s greatest city.

They will stand down next time...
They will stand down next time…

The organization – whose only mission was: “Every time a civilization reaches the pinnacle of its decadence, we return to restore the balance” – failed to understand human biodiversity and the negative consequences associated with the demographic displacement of whites by black criminality.

For this demographic displacement of whites means black politicians will be elected to represent the city, who will thereafter be entrusted with protecting the interests of their criminally-inclined constituents.

Or, as one SBPDL reader astutely noted:

The black leaders [of Baltimore] are invested in dysfunction, because dysfunction and the fog of war (in this case, civil unrest) allows them to perpetuate their rule.

Gentrification would bring White standards back to the area, resulting in a new batch of power-brokers.

Everyone should be aware of the black status-quo of civil dysfunction. It explains a lot of otherwise confusing issues like how no one is really to blame for murders; “space to destroy” zones; “it’s only property” responses to destruction (talk about a formula to run off Whites- saying it’s only property while a city burns is guaranteed to chill or kill White interest in investment and belonging); and of course, the branding of the word “thug” as a racist thought-crime in a city crawling with thug-like behavior.

All of the black responses to the crisis in Baltimore have been counter-intuitive, from a common-sense viewpoint. But there is no mystery here. The black leaders are acting quite sensibly, if you see their goal as consolidating power over the city by driving out critical thinking, and establishing destructive mob-rule.

A higher level of citizenry would be demanding a better class of leadership.

The League of Shadows merely needed to flood Gotham City with black people, who would inevitably breed black criminals (as they have in every city across the country cursed with the seed of the so-called Great Migration); more to the point, how could Bruce Wayne dress up as The Batman when the media would instantly brand the caped-crusader a racist for trying to clean up Gotham City by targeting blacks?

Okay, the League of Shadows stuff is just a thought-experiement, but the reality of black leaders ignoring black criminality – because black crime is the source of their staying in power – is not a joke.

It’s a reality powerfully on display in 65 percent black Baltimore.

With Baltimore’s black Police Commissioner blaming looted drug stores (and the flooding of Baltimore with narcotics) for the uptick in violence, it’s important to remember it was Councilman Nick “Mr. Ringmaster” Mosby admitted on April 28 he had talked Baltimore Police into standing down and allowing blacks to riot/loot/burn/steal the very narcotics Commissioner Batts is now blaming the violence on:

“We talked to the police. We told them we would kind of be able to talk to the young guys out here and we asked them to back up, and they did…”

Liberalism may be a mental disorder, but conservatives die-hard belief in being racially blind dooms the country to falling off a cliff (as they search in vain to an answer behind Baltimore’s tragic demise).

But the collapse of black-run Baltimore and the long-term dysfunction bred by black-elected leaders who allowed blacks to loot/burn/riot/steal narcotics does have consequences. [Baltimore FOP investigating city’s handling of riots, ABC 2 Baltimore, June 3, 2015]:

The leadership of Baltimore’s police union is seeking all communications between the department’s command staff and City Hall executives as they investigate the handling of the recent riots and unrest.

Lt. Gene Ryan, president of FOP Lodge #3, said the union filed a Freedom of Information Act for all departmental communication tapes, command staff text messages and emails from April 27 to May 4. That request was made on May 29, Ryan said, and he has not received any response as of Wednesday.

Ryan added that these moves are part of the union conducting an “After Action Review” of the riots, which he said has the full cooperation of many of his members who were deployed to the front lines during the crisis.

“Everyone is pointing fingers as to what happened,” Ryan said. “I’ve decided that we are the ones that need to take action so no more men and women in the Baltimore City Police Department get hurt if anything like this ever happens again.”

In all, Ryan said, more than 160 police officers and scores of firefighters were injured in the recent riots in Baltimore City. Ryan said this action was taken after waiting for the police department to establish its own after action review. Once that didn’t occur, Ryan said, the union moved forward to help ensure the safety of their officers.

“We urge that City Hall immediately release this information to the public; however, once our review is completed we will release the findings to the Baltimore Police Department, City Hall, and the public with the hope that there will be many lessons learned, misconceptions resolved, and future planning improved,” said Ryan in a statement.

For those blessed with reading comprehension skills, the significant line from Lt. Ryan’s statement should be obvious. For those not, let’s highlight the key quote:

“I’ve decided that we are the ones that need to take action so no more men and women in the Baltimore City Police Department get hurt if anything like this ever happens again.”

The writing is on the wall for those willing to connect the dots.

Hollywood wants to give theatergoers happy endings, as only celluloid can; thus, the League of Shadows plan for restoring balance to the fictional world in Batman Begins and the Dark Knight Rises must be defeated.

But in our world, civilization can be destroyed (though balance and harmony aren’t the goal); those dedicated to the proposition that every private and public sector action must be solely for the betterment of blacks have controlled America for more than half a century.

And with this control, city after city has collapsed as whites flee black criminality (with the latter forever ensuring black elected officials dominate city government).

Baltimore is no different.

But Lt. Ryan’s admission he is personally working to make sure no more men or women of the Baltimore City Police Department get hurt “if anything like this ever happens again” means the police know something like “space to destroy” black violence is going to happen again.

It’s no longer a question of if, but when the six Baltimore City Police officers – indicted over the death of the convicted heroin dealer Gray – walk.

And it should be obvious from Lt. Ryan’s comments that the Baltimore City Police have been talking about who ordered them to stand down (Nick Mosby, for one), and who allowed them to be canon fodder for marauding black looters/rioters/arsonists/narcotics thieves.

It should also be obvious they have no intention of seeing fellow officers be injured again, all because black elected officials of Baltimore refuse to allow law enforcement to act with force against their most prized constituents.

In the case of the next black riot in Baltimore, the Baltimore City Police will stand down.