It’s Official: Austrian Nazis Got Jewed Hard in Last Election

Daily Stormer
June 8, 2016


Don’t worry, vote for whoever you like. This good Jew here will be counting the votes. For maximum accuracy, of course.

Democracy is good because people vote for whoever is promoted by the media. And Jews own pretty much all the media. This means that democracy is the perfect system to allow God’s Chosen People to guide the filthy goyim away from their evil ways.

But sometimes, the system fails.

Then, the Jews need to take charge more firmly. And sometimes, that means hoaxing election results. All for our own good, of course.

New York Times:

The far-right Freedom Party of Austria filed a legal challenge on Wednesday over the results of the country’s presidential election, disputing the outcome of the May 22 runoff, in which the party’s candidate, Norbert Hofer, was narrowly defeated.

Officials said there was no precedent for a challenge to the outcome of a presidential election in the history of modern Austria, a federal republic that was reconstituted in 1945 from the ashes of Nazi Germany, which annexed the country in 1938.

The challenge, submitted by the party’s chairman to the Constitutional Court, injected an element of uncertainty into a debate that has already stirred questions over the strength of the far right in a nation with a fraught wartime past. Mr. Hofer led the first round of voting, on April 24, in which the country’s two mainstream parties were handed a humbling defeat.


“We’re not gonna let these kikes have the last word!”

Oy vey! It’s unacceptable that ex-Nazis would actually vote for Far-Right patriotic parties in 2016!

The popularity of Hofer and his Freedom Party was overwhelming during the first round of elections. You can be sure this prompted some intense scheming to prevent his victory.

On Wednesday, the Freedom Party’s chairman, Heinz-Christian Strache, submitted 150 pages of documents to the Constitutional Court, claiming “numerous irregularities and failures” in the counting of the runoff votes. According to the Austrian news agency APA, Mr. Strache submitted three documents: one from himself, the second from Mr. Hofer and the third from “voters and citizens.”

Mr. Strache said there had been electoral irregularities or fraud in 94 of 117 regional polling stations. In 82 of the stations, he said, at least 573,000 mail-in ballots were sorted or counted before the election authorities were even on site to monitor the process.

Many of these votes were counted by antifa. No wonder they wanted to count them before the “election authorities” were on site to check on them. This was transparent fraud, and it’s a very good thing the Freedom Party is growing a spine and making a scene. Ultimately, this was a more or less ceremonial position. But making a media spectacle out of this outrageous fraud story is very valuable, and will ensure they are even more popular in the next elections.

But we must learn from this lesson. The Jews, the perfidious antifa and other assorted shills will stop at nothing to prevent patriots like us from coming into power. We must expect and prepare for fraud and the lowest shenanigans when dealing with these people. The Freedom party should have had their own agents at the polling stations, their own volunteers monitoring the process. This is a lesson I’m sure they have learned now. We must be equally prepared when the Trump election is at our doorsteps. We can’t allow our enemies to count those votes.

This is a war, and our enemies will not follow any code of honor or rule of law in their effort to destroy the white race.

But ruthlessness is all they have. We are stronger, more motivated and more united than the wretched hordes assaulting us. One of ours is worth a thousand of theirs.