It’s Not Yet Illegal to Defend Bears in Nevada!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2020

Say hello to my new book.

I personally believe that bears should be killed.

But as a free speech defender, I’m glad that people are allowed to say they don’t think bears should be killed.


Social media comments about protecting bears that were posted by Lake Tahoe activists referring to a longtime wildlife biologist as a murderer constitute “good faith communications” protected as free speech, the Nevada Supreme Court says.

The recent opinion doesn’t end a lawsuit filed in Washoe County District Court in Reno.

But it settles a key legal question in the dispute between Carl Lackey, a Nevada Department of Wildlife biologist, and Carolyn Stark, who administers a Facebook page that posts criticism of the state’s bear control tactics, according to the Reno Gazette Journal.

The lawsuit is the latest development in a yearslong legal and public relations battle between the agency and a group of activists who oppose state methods for managing bears. In 2018, a judge issued a protective order to keep Stark, who lives in the community of Incline Village, away from another state biologist who says Stark stalked her in a dispute over the capture of nuisance bears.

Imagine being stalked by Carolyn Stark as she is on a quest to save nuisance bears.


I don’t know if I believe the stalking part. Carl Lackey seems like a fag who just didn’t want to be called a murderer on the internet, because it made him feel sad.

The high court’s opinion is a victory for Stark, who argued she was being unjustly targeted for her activism, and a setback for Lackey, who claims harm from the hostile posts.

“It is a free speech friendly ruling,” Patrick File, an assistant professor of media law at University of Nevada, Reno, told the newspaper.

Lackey, the state’s point person dealing with conflicts between bears and people, filed a defamation lawsuit in 2017 against Stark, the Bear League activist group and two others. It accused them of mounting a “vicious and calculated effort to damage his reputation and jeopardize his employment.”

Although the named defendants didn’t necessarily write the Facebook posts, Lackey argued they’re ultimately responsible for repeated comments that are false and “designed to incite public rage.”

Bears are a total nuisance. And people who defend nuisance animals tend to be the absolute worst possible stereotype of urbanite filth.

All the memes about animal rights people trying to create a sterile reality free of dirt and death are true.

Your standard internet faggot arguing on reddit for the rights of nuisance bears.

But still, if you try to sue people for calling you a murderer for killing nuisance bears, then you’ve actually somehow managed to become more pathetic than the most disgusting urbanite vegan animal rights faggot.