It’s Just So Sad About South Sudan

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 12, 2016

White oppression has struck again in Africa, as the state of South Sudan is collapsing.

The reason for this latest civil war in Africa is obvious, as all Jewish university professors are aware: colonialism hundreds of years ago.

Back in the days before colonialism, Sudan was a  futuristic type high civilization, harnessing technologies which were completely unimaginable by White Europeans.


The Sudanese invented the first iPod over 3,000 years ago.


These are computer-chip implants which allow the Sudanese to operate their space ships using their thoughts.


The concept of community child-rearing was invented by the Sudanese, before being ripped-off by the White appropriator Hillary Clinton.


That device on her head enables her to move objects with her thoughts.


Whites couldn’t even do a two-step boogie before the Sudanese showed them how.


The Sudanese genetically-engineered a form of tobacco that doesn’t cause lung cancer – it cures it.


This is a levitation vest.


The Sudanese even pioneered modern gay nightclub culture.

Because Whites were jealous of their success, and because they hated them because of the color of their skin or something, they did colonialism on them.

Now, it’s a wasteland.

When will Whites decide that enough is enough, and stop oppressing the world?