IT’S HAPPENING: Trump Vows to Make Moves to Bring Back Free Speech on the Internet

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 18, 2018

It has finally happened.

I knew it would.

The hammer hath been dropped. 

This is a historic day. The most important thing that has happened this year.

Key takeaways:

  • “We won’t let that happen” – action is going to be taken.
  • Censorship is “impossible to police” – the only way to manage speech on the internet is using existing law, which is the First Amendment.
  • “Some good & some bad” – none can be allowed to be destroyed. I am fine being a “bad voice.” Whatever. Just give me my shit back.
  • “Let everybody participate, good & bad.”

He is saying exactly what we have been saying – I have never called for anyone to be silenced, and I complained when the Daily Caller complained about Louis Farrakhan being allowed to condemn race-mixing on Facebook.

Who gives a shit about censoring the left?

No one is promoting that.

The people who promote censorship are only on the left, because they know their arguments are wrong.

Everyone fundamentally understands this.

And now, Trump is saying it. And it is going to happen. We are all getting amnesty. I will get my .com back.

We shall be free.

And to be clear, this isn’t like Trump tweeting that some FBI agent should be fired. He doesn’t need Jeff Sessions or Congress to ban censorship on the internet. The whole Obama Net Neutrality deal proved that tech companies can be regulated simply by the president ordering the FCC to do so.

All Trump has to do is text Ajit Pai and be like “activate it.”

I’m absolutely certain this has been in the works since they started clamping down. Trump simply allowed them to hang themselves with their own rope, which they did by openly colluding together in a conspiracy to silence Alex Jones, while at the same time attempting to manipulate elections by restricting the access of Republican political candidates and campaign advertisers.

If he would have made this move when the Daily Stormer was banned, it would have been “defending Nazis.” Now that anti-racist Alex Jones and REGISTERED CANDIDATES FOR NATIONAL ELECTIONS are being censored, he has his casus belli against Silicon Valley.

And he is saying the thing: zero censorship, because it’s impossible.

And he specifically refers to giving bad voices their platforms back.

Again: I am more than fine being a “bad voice” – and I assume I am who was being referenced there.

This is once again Trump upholding yet another promise – he told Alex Jones he wouldn’t let him down.

He made a promise he swore he’d always remember.

This will take a minute.

We have to have a bunch of commentary on these Tweets, with leftists freaking out and probably some lunatic shill libertarians at National Review whining, but a consensus will be built, then he gives the signal to Ajit Pai and the regulations are released and we’re all back on Twitter and everywhere else.

This is real life.

This is happening.