IT’S HAPPENING: Trump has Coronavirus! Soon to Die from Mild Flu???

President Trump announced early Friday morning that he and wife Melania have tested positive for coronavirus.

I’m sure that the media is doing a dance, saying “SEE, THIS IS WHAT YOU GET!” The fact is, it is what you get, and it doesn’t matter if you get it, because it’s just a mild flu virus.

The media continues to claim that coronavirus is the worst thing ever. Eventually, Trump was going to have to get it so he could say, “look, I’ve had it – it’s not a big deal, okay? I had some sniffles, alright? Not a big deal.”

It was an absolute requirement, before the country could open up, that he get it.

You know that I am the number one person who wants Trump to win the upcoming election, and I have zero worry about this situation. He has coronavirus, he will get over coronavirus, and that will help him on the campaign trail. He is not going to have complications. He is old, but he is healthy.

This is not a problem at all.

In ten days, he will be back out of quarantine, and continue his conquest.

The second debate is scheduled for October 15, and he will be ready to rock come that day. No problem.