It’s Happening: Stocks Drop on News of Rising SUPER MUTANT

Super Mutant Chan? Anyone?

People who make decisions about stocks know more than you know.

This new fake variant – known as the SUPER MUTANT – is the real thing.

Wall Street Journal:

Global equity markets and U.S. stock futures fell after South Africa raised the alarm over a new, fast-spreading strain of the coronavirus, triggering concern about the potential for new travel restrictions or other curbs that could limit economic activity.

With U.S. stocks set for a shortened trading session after a one-day Thanksgiving break, market participants said the global moves were likely amplified by thin trading volumes.

They needed a new variant to bring in the Dark Winter, and now it has miraculously emerged.

Over the next few days and weeks, you’re going to see the media saying that the SUPER MUTANT is spreading, with cases in various countries, and then they’ll say it’s overwhelming hospitals.

It’s breaking through vaccines.

It’s causing mysterious heart problems.

There is no choice but to go back into full lockdown, with enhanced measures.

We have to isolated the unvaxed.

We have to do new boosters.

We have to shutter businesses (but not Amazon!).

We have no choice, because it’s about saving lives.

You know the drill.

We all know the drill.

I still can’t believe that faggots were telling me I was overreacting, and that the things I was saying wouldn’t happen.

Every step of the way I was right, and every step of the way people were saying I was going too far.

Well, here we are.

He we are, faggot.

Giggle on you smugly giggling diamond.

Remember when you were young, you giggled like a faggot.

Giggle on you smug giggler.

Now there’s a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.