BASED Autistic Trump Supporter Attacks Democrats with a Machete

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 29, 2017

Countdown until Daily Stormer gets blamed for this: 5, 4, 3….


A former student of Kentucky’s Transylvania University was arrested Friday after he allegedly stormed a campus café with a machete and a bag of knives, quizzed students on their political affiliations, and injured two women.

Mitchell W. Adkins allegedly entered the cafe on the Lexington campus shortly before 9 a.m. local time before threatening patrons and employees, the Lexington Police Department said in a statement.

Two women suffered non-life-threatening injuries. One was taken to a hospital, while the other was treated and released at the scene.

Witnesses told local media the suspect shouted “The day of reckoning is here!” as he began his attack.


That shit is hardcore af.

“He asked the first girl if she was a Democrat or a Republican. She said Republican. He said okay, then asked some other girl,” Michael Soder told Lex 18. “By that time, some of my friends were running out and yelling for us to leave, and I tried to stay behind to see if — I mean I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to help, but I knew I should get out of there.


Can you imagine being such a little faggot that you would feel the need to run away from that kid in the picture up there?

When you’re in a crowded room, with a bunch of other men?

Absolutely disgusting.

This is the type of men we’re breeding at universities in this country.

We’re indoctrinating autists to the point where they’re attacking people with a machete to support Donald Trump, while indoctrinating non-autists to rush in large groups away from a single autist with a machete.

Here’s Michael Soder:

Here’s his Facebook.

And Twitter.

Maybe go ask him why he didn’t defend these girls that got slashed up by an autist?

You know, I say a lot of negative things about modern women, but they absolutely should be physically protected from machete attackers.

Plus, I mean, what does it do to your own sense of self, to run away from something like this like that?

“He asked somebody what their political affiliation was, they said ‘Republican,’ and the guy said, ‘You are safe,'” campus newspaper editor-in-chief Tristan Reynolds told the Lexington Herald-Leader. “And then I realized what was going on and started getting people out.”

We started to scatter and then very, very quickly campus security was getting everybody sheltered and secure,” Reynolds said. “They were very on it.”

Well, they weren’t on it before two women got slashed with a machete – an incident that you could have prevented.

Tristan Reynolds:

Here’s his Facebook. Can’t find a Twitter.

This is normal now.

I mean, I’m only 32. I was college-aged only a decade ago. And people I grew up with would have rushed this autist.

I mean, if you’re just one guy, I can at least grasp it. But this was a cafe full of people. And all the men ran, and women got slashed with a machete.

Michele Sparks, the university’s vice president for marketing and communications, told BuzzFeed News the café is a “popular gathering spot” that was packed with around 30 people at the time of the incident.


Universities are 2/3rds women, okay. But there were a minimum of ten college-aged men in this cafe.

She said a staffer at the café quickly pushed a silent alarm, triggering an immediate response from the university’s department of public safety.

“Our DPS staff was on site within minutes and apprehended the suspect very rapidly,” she said. “He actually cooperated with our DPS at first. When they came into the room, he dropped his weapon pretty quickly, but then there was a minor struggle and he was taken to the ground and handcuffed.”


He behaved that way because he’s autistic.

He is also probably on SSRI medication.

Why does the media never mention those things, which are basically universal – at least one or the other – whenever a white person does something like this?

We still were never told what medication poor DyRo was on. They admitted he’d been on suboxyn – because his arrest for it was on public record – and presumably, as he’d been in a treatment center, he was on SSRIs. They all prescribe those.

And they make people do insane things.

Here’s the best part:

In 2015, after BuzzFeed staffer and Transylvania alum Tracy Clayton wrote a viral post detailing her experiences with racism at the university, Adkins wrote a post on this website as a community contributor. (Any member of the public can create a BuzzFeed account and generate what are known as community posts.)

In the post, “Discrimination of Conservatives in Liberal Arts,” Adkins wrote of making “several enemies” because he is a “proud Republican.”

“It’s amazing to me that when I listen to someone’s political opinion and then give my own, I’m the one who’s lashed out at for being a ‘racist’ or ‘bigot,’ some even go as far as saying ‘bane of society’ or ‘fascist Nazi,'” he wrote.




I read his article, it is clear that Gavin McInnes, Lauren Southern, Ezra Levant and Brittany Pettibone are responsible for this attack.

It is also clear he’s completely and totally autistic.

If he was doing this to support Trump, we have to wonder which issue he felt so important that he needed to support it by slashing up sluts with a machete:

  • Bombing Assad?
  • Escalating tensions with Russia, implying world war?
  • Not building a wall?
  • Not deporting DACA babies?
  • Keeping NAFTA?
  • Supporting NATO?
  • Endangering K-POP supplies by refusing to negotiate with North Korea?
  • Giving long statements about how the Holocaust was real and Anti-Semitism needs to be wiped out?
  • Endorsing globalism?

Which position made him feel the DAY OF RECKONING was necessary?

They really should interview him and ask him.

Also, ask him if he likes Rebel Media.

They interviewed the NYC swordsman and he said he liked Daily Stormer so suddenly it was my fault.

McInnes and his Jew should be subject to the same standards of media justice.