It’s Facebook Official! AI Flags Macron’s BLACKED Photo Shoot and Bans It!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2018

I’m really warming up to the idea of AI (if this was indeed the work of AI and not just a team of Indian/Filipino mods) doing the work that Westerns just won’t do anymore.

Somebody had to state the obvious about the Macron photo shoot – THAT IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A PORNO SHOOT.

And yeah, it was either some un-PC South Asian mods or an AI. Both options work for me, tbh.


The much-hyped photo of French President Emmanuel Macron posing with two bare-chested young men during his September trip to the island of Saint Martin is back in the spotlight.

Social media users have revealed that the infamous picture of President Emmanuel Macron happily smiling next to a reported drug dealer and a middle finger-giving resident of Saint Martin is being censored on Facebook for violating the network’s rules against ‘nudity and sexual activity’. 

It says, “Your post is againt our community standards regarding nudity and sexual acts.”

How embarrassing.

Could anyone imagine 100 years ago – no even 50 years ago – the ABSOLUTE STATE of France?

Oh right… 

No, but seriously – a nigger-loving twink is president of France… and he’s considered a conservative.

Trying times like these require one to develop a sort of… should I say… *heh*… black sense of humor, non?

I look forward to more news stories about AI confirming what right-wing shitlords already instinctively know and totally owning the normies.

Like, imagine being a French normie and actually voting for Macron, only to discover that those crazy right-wingers were right and your man is a total nigger-loving gimp.

Yeah, I’d be pretty embarrassed. Might even kill myself out of shame. But that kind of shame is just too much to ask of most people, sadly.