It’s Decision Time: Ride or Die or Surrender to the Beast

Vaxy Joe Biden has come out hard against the unvaxed, and introduced a plan to force everyone in the country to submit to his endless regimen of deadly genetic engineering shots.

Biden is saying that every company (with more than 100 employees) is going to be forced to force people to get vaxed or pay crippling fines. No company is going to resist that. Then it is going to be smaller companies as well.

Don’t be deceived by the claim that you will have the option to get a weekly test. That is just a fake-out to force compliance. We’ve seen repeatedly that this option gets removed after people have been bullied into compliance. For example, Boris Johnson removed this option from the whole country of the UK, after they’d mostly submitted to the vaccine passport.

Effectively, at this point, you are being told by the federal government that it is not going to be possible for you to work if you don’t get vaxed. We also know that government benefits are going to be stripped from people who refuse. So, the thing we knew would happen has happened, and the lives of Christians who refuse this vaccine are going to get a whole lot more difficult, very soon.

There is no chance that the Republicans are going to successfully push back against this. If you are expecting that, you need to check yourself. This is happening, and nothing is going to stop it. Maybe it will take some time, but all employers in the country are going to be required to mandate the vax. This will also apply to colleges and universities.

In fact, they’re not just mandating “the vax” – they are mandating an endless series of shots. Anthony Fauci has already said that you will have to have had three (3) shots to be considered “fully vaccinated” by the state. The Israelis have already rolled out a fourth shot, and that will come to America. Probably after the fourth shot, they will move to a whole new vaccine. If you ever stop taking these injections, your “vaccinated” privileges will be removed.

You can bet that after a significant portion of the population submits to Biden’s current agenda, the next phase is going to be much more brutal. With each step, more are submitting, and with more having submitted, the steps are getting progressively more aggressive.

I am aware that the reader has remained unvaxed this far. But you all need to ask yourselves now: are you willing to see this through?

It’s been easy so far. But it’s not going to be easy for much longer.

  • Are you willing to lose your job?
  • Are you willing to die or go to a concentration camp?

This is a surrender of your personal autonomy. If you surrender to this vax, there is nothing that they will not be able to do to you in the future.

But if you’re not willing to follow it through, then you might as well surrender now.

To be clear: there is no excuse for surrendering. I have seen people saying “well, maybe you can lose your job, but I can’t afford to do so.”

Frankly, you’re probably going to lose your job anyway.

But if you’re saying you can’t, then why?

The obvious answer is that you have to care for your family. Well, by submitting, you are not “caring for your family.” You are dooming them to total enslavement.

Fauci is already testing the vax on infants. You will be required to vax your children. California is already requiring the vax for those over 12, and soon, every state in the country (and every other Western country) will require the vax for all children.

If you go along with this, you are surrendering the lives of your children to this Beast System.

If you have excuses, that’s all they are: excuses.

This is not going to be easy for anyone. Saying “it’s going to be harder for me though” is just an excuse.

Understand this clearly: you do have a choice. Everyone has a choice. If you are telling yourself “I don’t have a choice,” you are simply lying to yourself – and you are making a choice. Everyone must make the choice. There is no way to play the woman and claim that forces outside of your control are making the choice for you. 

I’ve personally made a lot of sacrifices in my life. I don’t write about it often, because I don’t want to seem whiny and it doesn’t really matter anyway, but my life has basically been turned into a nightmare, totally, by these Jews. However, I have found peace, and given the chance, I would not make any decision differently.

This is to say: things are tough all over.

One thing to remember is that the devil is a liar. Nothing is ever going to go back to normal, and submitting to the system doesn’t change that. The mouth of hell has opened up. I’ve been trying to explain to you people that this is not going back to normal, ever, and I think some of you still don’t get it. In reality, there is very little chance you will get to keep your job, even if you take the vax. We are entering now into a totally new economic order, where this entire system of “work and consume” is going to be abandoned in favor of the government paying most of the population a monthly allowance.

I recently wrote about the morons on the right-wing internet claiming that “the Jews only want us to work and consume, so eventually they are going to have to make things normal again.” This is wrong, and the people saying it are stupid, delusional, and/or liars. The new order will not involve this current level of consumerism, and the claim that the elite only want people to work and consume is just a baseless assertion which does not line up with observable reality.

Deals with the devil do not usually work out, and if you make a deal with the devil and take the vax, it is very unlikely that you are going to keep any of the things you are attempting to hold onto. However, you will probably get your tiny one bedroom apartment in a high-rise tenement and your monthly allowance of digital credits to buy fake meat made from bugs.

If you are committed to doing the right thing, then there isn’t really any decision you can make. You have to do the right thing. If you are committed to that, then there is no reason to think about the consequences of doing the right thing, because you’re going to do it anyway.

Of course, if you do not believe in God, there is not really any reason to do the right thing. If you do not believe in God, you should simply do what benefits you personally in the material sense. I would not expect anyone who doesn’t believe in God to do the right thing morally – it would actually be totally irrational.

A non-believer will have to decide if it is materially beneficial to him to take the vax, and enter into the prison grid system and hope to keep something, or to resist and sacrifice everything for sure.

I’m not really very concerned about the actions of non-believers. Their decisions are meaningless to me, as they have no effect on the cosmic scheme of this universe.

Believers need to understand, however: if you take this vaccine, and submit to this Beast System, then you are permanently severing your connection to God. You are surrendering your soul to the Beast, and it will own you. There is no going back from it. The decision will be final.

But if you’re going to break, there is no reason to continue on from here. It’s not going to get any easier. So if you are not ready to ride or die, then now is the time to bow out, to take your shot, to enter into the Beast Grid.

If you’re wavering now, as they threaten your job, there is zero chance that you are going to be able to remain strong when they threaten your life.

If there is any doubt in your mind, you need to clear it up – very soon.

You can:

  • Submit, or
  • Resist

Either one of those decisions is going to be total.

There is no room for halfway measures here.

There is no fence to sit on.

  • If you submit, you are sacrificing your soul.
  • If you resist, you are sacrificing the world.

Nothing has ever been this straightforward.

The US federal government is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to decide.

If you do resist, you need to separate from the people who have submitted. They are dead weight, they are already gone, and they will bring you down with them if you give them the chance to do so.

Those who have submitted have made their choice, and they cannot be saved. They can offer you nothing, and you can offer nothing to them.

You can listen to this Christian rap song as you try to decide.