It’s Because Jews Control Your Culture as a Way to Cage Your Soul

The fashion accessory you wear to keep yourself safe from the deadly novel coronavirus when you’re going in for a partial birth abortion

With the wicked old bitch finally dead, the Jew media is celebrating her life and publishing a bunch of weird crap that is actually revealing.

Look at this:

USA TODAY is proclaiming that she was a “pop culture icon.”

These are a few things that the article proclaims:

  • “The most looked-up-to person in Washington”
  • “A giant to liberals”
  • “A pop-culture icon”
  • “A badass in every sense of the word”
  • “Ginsburg’s perseverance transformed her to legend status and her fierce attitude and push to break barriers allowed her to become an icon”
  • “Someone even photoshopped sunglasses on the Justice”
  • “Perhaps most recognizably, the inspiration for a wellspring of T-shirts, tattoos, Halloween costumes and Internet memes”

This is all total bullshit.

At one point, the article basically admits as much, saying that this phenomenon emerged in 2015:

“RBG” directors Julie Cohen and Betsy West first noticed Ginsburg’s growing online fame in 2015 and wanted to know more about the trailblazer, who co-founded the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project and served as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals before she was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1993.

In recent years, “it seemed that her dissents had really connected with a lot of people, especially Millennials,” West said in a 2018 interview with USA TODAY. “It’s this incongruousness of a Jewish grandmother who is speaking truth to power. That took off with ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and every time you put ‘R.B.G.’ into social media, you see thousands and millions of entries. She really is a galvanizing force.”

2015 was the peak of internet meme culture, and the Jews were getting a hang on the concept of memes, and using outlets like reddit, Tumblr and Buzzfeed to seed forced-memes.

USA TODAY also admits that the “Notorious” forced meme, like the RBG film, was seeded by a Jew:

The most prominent Ginsburg meme is that of “Notorious R.B.G.,” a play on the late rapper Notorious B.I.G., which features a visage of the justice wearing a crown and her trademark lace collar. It began as a blog by former New York University law student Shana Knizhnik in summer 2013, when Ginsburg delivered a particularly scathing dissent about the imperative of voting rights in states with histories of racial discrimination.

Featuring inspiring quotes and pictures of Ginsburg, the Notorious R.B.G. Tumblr page caught fire among young people, inspiring feminist merchandise, a parody music video and a 2015 biography.

Yes, there was merchandise.

But it was only ever promoted by the media and other Jews.

This was a forced meme. The Jewish media just said she was a pop culture icon. Now that she is dead, that same Jewish media is talking about how they said that, pretending like you, the goyim, thought that.

This is some bullshit like along the lines of I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE! saying that like, vaccines are cool and it’s really fashionable to get the most vaccines possible and that the ISS is really interesting.

This is just cultural garbage, on the level of the fake artist Banksy, that is sold to the lowest common denominator in society, the people who will literally, like dogs, eat whatever you put in front of their faces and then look up, really happy that you fed it to them.

Claiming that a Jew judge is a “badass” and comparing her to the rapper Biggie Smalls is such forced, cringe crap that you can tell that Jews are actually mocking the people who would adopt this as a part of their personal consumer identity.

That is of course what “pop culture” is, you understand – the Jews throw out all of this garbage in the society, and you get to pick and choose which parts you personally like or think you like, and apply them to your personal identity as a consumer.

You then define yourself, your own personal identity, as the kind of person who:

  • Thinks DC movies are better than Marvel movies
  • Wears trucker hats with ironic slogans
  • Reads r/PublicFreakout
  • Drinks craft beer
  • Reads part of a book about the Paris Commune and pretends to be an expert on it
  • Uses Colgate toothpaste
  • Is smart enough to understand the nihilistic philosophy of Rick Sanchez but had a personal crisis when the final season of Game of Thrones sucked
  • Thinks it’s cute to ironically listen to gangster rap but actually likes emotional indie rock and is reminded of different girls he knew in high school by different indie rock songs
  • Isn’t a member of Antifa, but supports their revolutionary cause
  • Tries to get as many vaccines as possible
  • Watches NASA’s YouTube channel and pretended to be excited by the Mars rover because you thought it made you look smart
  • Thinks that the Notorious RBG was a badass for ensuring the absolute right to partial birth abortions

The conservative versions of this fake identity are not much better, because of what has happened to the churches and the horrors of the conservative media.

It’s actually the most vile thing, this creation of these consumer cultures, where people believe that they have legitimate personal identities but they’re actually just all of these totally manufactured forced memes designed to basically control the immortal living souls of men. It’s a gilded brain cage.

The reason that the Daily Stormer was shut down first and most aggressively of any website is that we were creating a kind of organic culture, using memes, in-jokes and other forms of esoterica that make up a culture to help young men establish an identity as White European Christians, a creative force in the universe with a past and a future. We were linking it directly to the mainstream culture, exploiting existing memes for our own purposes, to bring people closer to a genuine identity. This was spreading like wildfire through the society.

We live in a grid that controls your soul by defining everything that you think about using these false cultural memes.