It’s Already Too Late to Change the Weather – We Must Start Sucking Carbon Out of the Atmosphere

I will tell you this: they’re going to be sucking something out of somewhere.

Business Insider:

Even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gas today, the Earth would continue warming for centuries. Arctic ice and permafrost are already on an irreversible path of melting.

That’s the finding of new research published Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports. The model suggests that even if emissions were to drop to zero this year, global temperatures would ultimately rise to be 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit higher in 2500 than they were in 1850 (that’s 3 degrees Celsius).

“The tundra will continue to melt over the next 500 years — irrespective of how quickly humanity cuts its greenhouse-gas emissions,” Jørgen Randers, the lead author of the new study, told Business Insider.

That’s because climate change is a vicious, self-sustaining cycle: As permafrost thaws, it releases more greenhouse gases, like methane and carbon dioxide, which sustains warming over time. To stop that cycle, Randers said, we’ll need to suck carbon dioxide back out of the atmosphere.

8 feet of sea-level rise

Randers’ study modeled the effect of various emissions-reductions scenarios on Earth’s climate between 1850 and 2500.

The data showed that if emissions stopped for good in 2020, sea levels in 2500 would still be more than 8 feet (2.5 meters) higher than in 1850.

I can’t believe they’re bringing back the sea level thing, frankly. I thought they backed off of that because it was so easy to prove it’s not real.

But here we are.

Reminder: there is still zero evidence that the sea level is rising, and we have no data proving that carbon causes the weather to get warmer.

That’s a fact. Global warming remains a theory, and virtually all of the data that this theory has been based on is either false or completely speculative.

All of this shit is no more scientific than a deformed retarded girl shouting at you.

This is all about nothing other than forcing globalism on you via the threat of looming doom.

They want forced deindustrialization, they want to destroy the middle class and create a massive underclass ruled over by a tiny elite minority.

They can’t just do that without some explanation as to why they are doing that.

This global warming hoax is the explanation.