It’s a Shame Biden Didn’t Get Coronavirus

No human being with dignity and/or self-respect would prefer to go around looking like this to getting a deadly disease.

The Cleveland debate was a super-spreader event!

Not the first time a disease spread in Cleveland – I can tell you that much. This place is like Gotham City.

NBC News:

At least 11 positive coronavirus tests can be traced to members of the media or organizers of this week’s presidential debate in Cleveland, city and clinic officials said Friday.

The city’s announcement came after President Donald Trump, who debated Democratic rival Joe Biden on Tuesday in Cleveland, revealed he and his wife have both tested positive for Covid-19 and are in isolation. Trump was transported to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday.

“The City of Cleveland is aware of positive cases of Covid-19 following the Sept. 29 presidential debate,” according to a City Hall statement. “We advise anyone who has come in contact with someone who has tested positive to selfquarantine. If anyone who was in attendance has concerns or is symptomatic, they should contact their healthcare provider.”

Somehow, Joe Biden was not infected.

NBC New York:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden both tested negative for the coronavirus Friday and by afternoon Joe Biden was campaigning in Michigan.

“I’m happy to report that Jill and I have tested negative for COVID. Thank you to everyone for your messages of concern,” former Vice President Biden tweeted. “I hope this serves as a reminder: wear a mask, keep social distance, and wash your hands.”

The Bidens were both tested on Friday in the wake of the announcement of President Donald Trump’s infection.

Presumably, he avoided being infected by wearing his fag-mask nonstop.

Because I mean, yeah, wearing a mask probably does stop you from being infected. I’ve never really argued that. I was actually arguing against Anthony Fauci and the CDC when they were saying not to wear masks. It’s just kind of obvious a mask stops particulate from entering your nostrils.

My position is that healthy people shouldn’t be wearing masks, because they should be getting infected, because that’s how you build immunity.

If Joe would have gotten infected, then we’d have a situation where it was a race to see who lives, which would be the best kind of presidential race.

A Death Race, if you will.

Trump should insist that since he’s infected, Biden also has to get infected so it’s fair.