Italy Welcomes NGO Rescue Boat of Coronavirus Infected Blacks

Can you imagine thinking that they would close the borders just because of a virus hoax?


A rescue ship with 422 migrants aboard, a small number of whom tested positive for COVID-19, was headed to a port in Sicily on Sunday.

SOS Mediterranee, the humanitarian group which operates the rescue ship Ocean Viking, told The Associated Press that Italy had granted the vessel permission to enter the port of Augusta, where it was expected to arrive Sunday evening, just as as rain and strong winds were forecast.

The migrants were rescued in separate operations in the central Mediterranean Sea on Thursday and Friday, including 121 who were crowded into a rubber dinghy. Some of the passengers fell into the sea during that rescue operation but were brought to safety, SOS Mediterranee said in a statement by Luisa Albera, search and rescue coordinator aboard the Ocean Viking.

In all, four distinct rescue operations were carried out over two days. Many of those rescued are women and children.

Originally, a total of 424 were rescued, but a pregnant woman and her companion were evacuated urgently by helicopter to Malta on Saturday, the statement said.

Eight of the rescued migrants have COVID-19, according to tests administered by the crew, and were being isolated on board despite the difficulties of crowded conditions on deck.

“But although strict COVID-19 mitigation protocols apply on board the Ocean Viking, this is a vessel of 69 meters (228 feet) in length,” Albera said. “This situation is a further reason for the remaining 422 survivors, who are in confined space on the aft deck, to be promptly disembarked in a place of safety,” she said.

Among the passengers are other pregnant women, babies and unaccompanied minors among the children.

During the pandemic, Italy has taken to transferring migrants from rescue ships anchored in port to other vessels where the passengers can protectively quarantine, although children are usually taken ashore to shelter.

So, the coronavirus measures that you have to follow are waived for the people invading your country.

I remember when the coronavirus hoax first began, there were neo-Nazi shills and feds on the internet claiming that the right-wing should support the hoax, because it will make the governments turn nationalist.

They said that anyone who wanted to keep their rights and freedoms was a “libertarian” and should shut up and listen to the Jew-controlled government, which, they alleged, was going to lead us into a nationalist paradise.

I had people trying to repeat that to me.

Now, here we are, and Joe Biden just increased the refugee limit to 8 times what it was, and Italy is openly welcoming blacks infected with the virus.

Sometimes, I do wonder why I even bother.

Just listen: if you were stupid enough to believe those neo-Nazis that were saying that, then you are really, really stupid. You’re too stupid to figure out basic things. You would do okay just giving up on trying to figure things out for yourself, because it isn’t going to work. Your IQ is just too low. If you don’t want to listen to me, after I’ve been right about everything, then just go back to being a normie, and believe whatever it says on CNN. You’re not special. If you need to feel special, then they can help you with that on CNN. Maybe you can become a tranny. That will make you extra special.