Italy: Unvaxxed Test Negative, Vaxxed Test Positive

You know what this means, right?

It’s time for triple vaxx.

Free West Media:

Eleven employees, out of 12, of the Casamaki restaurant in Abruzzo, Italy, tested positive for Covid. Most of them had had a double dose of the vaccine and a health pass. They are all currently in quarantine, including the owner of the restaurant in Piazza Salotto, Gianluca Cruciani.

Cruciani has not yet been vaccinated, but tested negative, suggesting that the vaccines as well as the health pass are totally useless.

On August 16, the fully vaccinated workers will have to repeat the tests. If they are negative, they will be able to return to service in the dining room or in the kitchen. Otherwise, quarantine will continue for some of these fully vaccinated individuals. This paradoxical situation forced Cruciani to close his business, on Thursday at lunchtime, and subject his employees to the test in a private laboratory at his own cost. They all showed positive results, except the owner who wrote a post on Facebook to thank and reassure the customers who had lunch and dinner outdoors over the last few days.

Cruciani explained what happened: “On Wednesday an employee did not feel well, he checked and tested positive. He stayed home with a fever of 39, but he has been vaccinated for four months with a double dose. So I closed the place and took the kids for a swab for everyone’s safety”.

It turns out that those who have the health pass are now infected and those who do not have it, are not. And it appears that the antibodies generated by the virus are much more effective than the vaccines.

Remember: Science can only triumph if you have faith in it.

If you don’t believe, then you are hurting Science.