Italy: Two Bangladeshi Moslems Arrested for Raping Italian Student

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2019

Deb Sagor and Hamaet Ferdause Kahn.

Funny how these Islamics all seem to act the same regardless of which country they came from.

I’m sure it’s just “pure coincidence,” as the men with big noses like to say.

Il Sicilia (Translation):

The deputy prosecutor, Annamaria Picozzi and the PM, Luisa Bettiol have issued a decree of Fermo, executed by the State Police, against two citizens of Bangladesh, Deb Sagor of 21 years and Hamaet Ferdause Kahn of 19 years, investigated for the crime of group sexual violence committed against a student.

The facts date back to 4 July when, at around 4.30, a girl, after an evening spent with friends in the historical center, was approached and harassed by the two criminals; these, subsequently, arranging themselves on the opposite sides of the road, so as not to attract attention, would have followed it in the journey towards home; having reached a dimly lit place, the two subjects who had gathered in the meantime, would have taken action and, having surprised the young woman behind them, would have attacked her, blocked her and raped her, then disappeared.

The investigations, initiated by the agents of the ” Crimes against minors and sexual crimes ” section of the Flying Squad, after being reported by the victim to their Offices, were complex and articulated and had a decisive impulse with the acquisition of images of video surveillance systems of public bodies, commercial establishments and private homes located in the areas concerned and analyzed in detail by the investigators . In this context, the police of the Flying Squad managed, not only to reconstruct the path taken by the suspects, thus confirming the victim’s story, but also to see, through some frames, the face of the attackers.

Further investigations are being examined by the investigators regarding the possibility that the two Bangladeshi citizens have been responsible for other acts of violence to the detriment of helpless victims.