Italy: Trannies Come Out Against Health Pass Because It Will Reveal They’re Trannies

The vaxx pass is the most transphobic thing I’ve ever heard of in my entire life.

We have to stop these Democrat transphobes.


Transgender activists in Italy have objected to the coronavirus “Green Pass”, claiming it would reveal information on their gender.

Christian Cristalli, president and co-founder of the activist group Gruppo Trans Bologna, said of the health pass: “Transgender people will have to show a QR code that will refer to personal information, which causes a lot of discomfort and exposes the person.”

Cristalli made his comments during a meeting of the municipality of Bologna and added, according to Il Giornale: “We must work in synergy with institutions and associations, to create inclusive environments and measures.”

The sentiment has been shared by Italian LGBT blog Progetto Genderqueer, which questioned how the Green Pass would treat those who were transgender or non-binary.

“I am very much in favour of tests and Green Passes for access to places shared with others. The problem is how privacy will be handled in a world that does not take into account transgender and non-binary people,” the author of the blog wrote.

“In addition, there may also be transphobic managers who, after the first verification, and after discovering our identity, may no longer want us on their premises,” the author claimed.

Italy is set to roll out the Green Pass on August 6th and it will be required for large gatherings, eating and drinking at restaurants indoors, and access to gyms, cinemas, and theatres.

I would say that the chances of conservatives coming out and claiming that the vaxx pass is harming trannies are approximately 100%.

I would be very shocked if they didn’t say that, and actually the fact that Breitbart went and translated this article in this context implies they’re already trying to say that Dems are the real transphobes.

Of course, the much bigger problem with conservatives is going to be that they’ve already decided that multinational corporations can violate your civil rights by supporting the idea that big tech is allowed to censor people.

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The logic of the vaxx pass in the United States is going to be that it is “private companies” that are “choosing who they do business with.”

All of the grocery stores are private companies, just like everyone who controls the internet is a “private company.”

Ironically, Andrew Anglin said when he was being banned that eventually “racists” would be blocked from buying food by “private companies” colluding together to deny them access to the grocery store. That sounded crazy at the time, and now we’re just a few months away from it.

Of course, it is not just racists that will be denied access to food, but anyone who refuses the vaxx and the QR code techno control grid.

Conservatives will be starving in the street, denied access to food, and saying “that’s their right as a private company.”