Italy: Train Conductor Tells Filthy Gypsies to GTFO, Salvini Says he “Should Receive an Award”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 14, 2018

A true leader rewards the righteous, and punishes the wicked.

Some people think that it’d take a long time to reverse the decades of Jewish brainwashing afflicting our nation.

But in fact, it could probably be done in a few months – as long as the right incentives are provided. Basically, normies just respond to rewards and punishments. If they understand that cuck behavior will be punished, and patriotic attitudes will be honored and rewarded, then they’ll change their tune almost instantly.

The new Italian Emperor Salvini knows this well.

The Local:

When a 32-year-old Italian researcher published an open letter reporting that a train conductor on a Milan to Mantova service had told a group of “molesters and gypsies” to get off, La Lega identified the concerned passenger. Raffaele Ariano has since reportedly received 42,000 offensive messages and physical threats. Now his mother has appealed to President Mattarella for help.

When a passenger on a Trenord train in northern Italy judged the actions of a train conductor as questionable and published a report of the incident on his social media profile and an Italian website, he didn’t expect to have to contend with 42,000 hate messages and threats to his life.


Gepostet von Lega – Salvini Premier am Donnerstag, 9. August 2018

So some faggot “philosophy student” whines that a based train conductor kicked undesirables out of her vehicle in an open letter. Salvini pounces on this virtue signaling shitbag immediately, turning his life into a living hell – all in public.

But that’s what happened when Raffaele Ariano, an Italian philosophy researcher, took offense to a message announced to passengers on a Milan to Mantova train on Tuesday August 7th by the train’s conductor.

“Passengers are asked not to give money to these harassers. Get off, you’re pissing people off. Gypsies: get off at the next stop, because you’re busting people’s balls,” the female conductor of the train reportedly told passengers through the train’s internal communication system, according to Italian daily Repubblica.

Gypsies don’t belong on White people’s trains. They have their own trains.

Gypsy trains apparently have nasty women and booze and everything, according to Toto. I don’t know what they’d complain about.

When Ariano published a post on his Facebook profile denouncing the aggressive tone of the train conductor, the Lega – Salvini Premier Facebook page published a link to Ariano’s own Facebook profile, asking readers: “Are you with the train conductor or the denouncer, Raffaele Ariano?”

Ariano told Corriere della Sera he had received 42,000 messages containing “insults and threats.”

“The train’s conductor should receive an award,” later commented Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini in a Facebook post on Lega – Salvini Premier.

This is the real powerplay right there.

Your cuckoldry displeases me, social justice warrior.

The faggot tries to drum up outrage about some Gypsies being mistreated, so Salvini asks the people “who would you rather side with, the train conductor who loves Italy, or this whining traitor faggot?”

Naturally, the people side with the train conductor and the SJW is publicly humiliated and hounded from all quarters. Then, Salvini completes the “lesson” by praising and rewarding the patriotic train conductor, saying she should get an award for insulting Gypsies and other undesirables.

This is how you transform a cultural paradigm.

Ariano’s mother has now intervened, calling on Italian President Sergio Mattarella to guarantee her son’s constitutional rights in the face “of hundreds of physical threats.”


To make matters worse, this grown-ass man of 32 needs to be defended in public by his own mother!

We’re hitting levels of humiliation that shouldn’t even be possible.

A huge message was just sent to the Italian people. Defend Italy, and you will be heralded as a hero by the state. Engage in cucky virtue signaling, and you will be harassed and humiliated by the entire country.

We need something like this to happen here. Trump needs to come out and support one of the randos being targeted by the media, and instead get his twitter followers to attack the journalists doing the doxing. That would change the political atmosphere in America, and fast.