Italy: Tourist Who Damaged Sculpture in Museum Gets Tracked Down with Anti-Corona Tracking System

The statue depicts Paolina Borghese, who was Napoleon’s imouto

It’s an established scientific fact that we’re all gonna die from the flu, and it’s very likely that most of us are already dead and don’t know it yet, like in an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

But the important thing is that the government always knows where we are while we’re dying from the flu.


Carabinieri police said Tuesday that they have tracked down the Austrian tourist who damaged a sculpture by Antonio Canova at a museum near Treviso at the weekend.

The police managed to track the 50-year-old man down after studying video surveillance that captured what happened.

The man lay down besides Canova’s Paolina Borghese statue at the Possagno Gipsoteca museum, taking photos of himself, on Saturday.

As he got up, he slipped and damaged the artwork.

He allegedly walked off without saying anything after realizing what he had done.

The man has admitted to this and said he is willing to pay damages, sources said.

The Carabinieri first managed to trace the woman who booked the tickets for the group the man was part of, thanks to the online registration required as part of COVID-19 measures.

That woman turned out to be the culprit’s wife.

They’ve already started using these surveillance measures for things that have nothing to do with the flu, and that’s a problem if you break the law.

It’s an even bigger problem if you’re a thought criminal – like most people reading this site. You don’t even have to break any actual law in order to be arrested anymore.

That’s just something to take into consideration next time you wanna hurt some oppressed minority’s feelings. They’ve got an eye or two on you, buddy.