Italy to Restore Tunnels Under the Colosseum

I’m frankly generally skeptical of rebuilding ancient buildings.

But they did a good job with some of the stuff in Greece, and so I’m hopeful about the Colosseum.

At least they’re not planning to completely rebuild the structure itself.

Smithsonian Magazine:

In ancient Rome, tens of thousands gathered at the Colosseum to watch enslaved men, condemned criminals and wild animals fight to the death. These grisly gladiator clashes required great feats of engineering: To make caged creatures and prize fighters emerge from underground as if by magic, the Romans devised a labyrinth of secret tunnels beneath the arena’s wooden, sand-covered floor.

These underground structures have remained exposed to the elements for more than a century, enabling the millions of tourists who visit the Colosseum each year to see them up close, according to Reuters. Now, the Italian government has pledged €10 million (around $12 million USD) toward the installation of a new, retractable floor that will restore the amphitheater to its gladiator-era glory.

“We want to give an idea of how it was, and we are seeking proposals from around the world,” Alfonsina Russo, director of the Colosseum, tells the Times’ Tom Kington.

Per BBC News, architectural designs for the ambitious renovation are due by February 1. Italian officials say they hope to complete the project by 2023.

During the four centuries that the Romans used the Colosseum, the hypogeum, or network of underground tunnels beneath the arena floor, resembled a “huge sailing ship,” wrote Tom Mueller for Smithsonian magazine in 2011.

The structure consisted of staging areas, ramps, pulleys, ropes and other mechanisms that allowed workers to create a seamless show aboveground. Engineers even devised an underground elevator of sorts that lifted lions, bears, leopards and other caged wild animals into the arena.

“The hypogeum allowed the organizers of the games to create surprises and build suspense,” Heinz-Jürgen Beste, a researcher at the German Archaeological Institute in Rome, told Smithsonian in 2011. “A hunter in the arena wouldn’t know where the next lion would appear, or whether two or three lions might emerge instead of just one.”

This is probably part of some kind of illuminati agenda, and Jews are planning to do human sacrifices in the ancient building once they have total control of the world. I guess. I mean. Okay. Whatever.

The question here is: where are they going to get the money for this?