Italy to “Crackdown” on “Internet Hate”

Daily Stormer
February 11, 2014

Eventually, it will be illegal to condemn the Jew's most egregious crime.
Eventually, it will be illegal to condemn the Jew’s most egregious crime.

Politicians from Italy’s Democratic Party (PD) will propose a new law this week which will further restrict “internet hate speech.”

Though it is being framed as a response to Laura Boldrini getting “threatened” with rape by anonymous internet persons (probably Jews), it is, in reality, of course aimed at assisting the Jewish parasite and the invading subhumans in escaping the criticism they are subject to when people have a right to speak their minds openly.

From the Local:

The new proposal is due to be put forward this week by MPs Alessandra Moretti and Francesco Sanna, with backing from other PD members, La Stampa reported on Monday.

The aim of the bill is to strip the online sphere of content that is “detrimental to our own dignity”, Moretti was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

If successfully passed by Italy’s lower house and Senate, the law would impact newspaper websites, blogs and individuals’ social media accounts.

“It is a necessary intervention. But I would like to specify one thing: it is not a gag for the internet,” Moretti said. “On the contrary, I think that this text can be improved, therefore I would like to open it up to bloggers for their contribution.”

In its current form the proposal would enable authorities to ask for content to be removed if it is inaccurate or damaging, La Stampa said.

It could also affect old posts which are traceable through online search engines; a move which would impact newspaper archives as well as old blogs and posts on social networks.

Content detrimental to our dignity, eh? Does this mean they will be restricting violent, anti-human Jew-produced pornography, which, at present, everyone in Italy has free access to?