Italy Threatens to Close Ports Due to Infinite Negroid Invaders

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2017

So Italy is finally considering closing their ports after they’ve been invaded by over 500,000 Negroids. This is a completely insane situation.


Germany, France and Italy’s interior ministers are to meet for crisis talks as Italy warns the influx of migrants into the country is unsustainable.

Italy has threatened to close its ports and impound rescue ships run by aid agencies carrying people from Libya.

It needs more support as people cross the Mediterranean from Africa in large numbers, the UN’s refugee agency said.

More than 500,000 migrants have passed through Italian ports since 2014, and numbers are on the rise again.

What’s happening is that you have large numbers of Africans getting on dinky boats which set sail a few miles off the Libyan coast. From there, these weird “aid” and non-governmental organizations are picking them up and ferrying them to Italy. The very presence of this subversive operation has encouraged even more Africans to attempt the journey.

The people operating these vessels should be arrested and charged with high crimes. Simply put, they are facilitating the African invasion of Italy. They’ve created a totally unsustainable crisis by doing this. All ports should have been closed to these ships a long time ago. It is an absurdity that this has been allowed to continue. The only reason nothing has happened yet is because you have politicians who are afraid of being called mean words like “racist.”

These African invaders provide negative value to Europe. It is insane to keep accepting them.

For years, I’ve been calling for the Italian navy to start sinking these invading African vessels. If the navy sunk just a few of these boats, it would send a powerful message to these Africans that they are not welcome. It would also discourage others from attempting future voyages. Right now, we have a situation where they are encouraged to come.

If Italy followed my advice, this crisis would not exist. The lack of political will to stop this invasion is deeply disturbing on a number of levels. Nobody wants to be around a bunch of violent and low IQ Africans. Contrary to popular belief, they will not be paying anybody’s pensions with their high tech skills.