Italy: Senegalese Vibrant Rapes Pregnant Nurse for 45 Minutes at Naples Bus Stop

Even though this happened at midday, no one came to her aid because the streets were locked down.

Voice of Europe:

An illegal migrant from Senegal who is suspected of raping a nurse at a bus stop in Naples has been arrested by Italian authorities.

The brutal attack, which took place in the middle of the day as the nurse waited to go home after finishing a shift at the hospital, lasted nearly 45 minutes, Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports.

The 48-year-old victim said that she was waiting at the deserted Corso Arnaldo Lucci Metropark bus station, behind the Naples’ main train station at about 3pm, when the Senegalese migrant jumped over a fence and came running towards her.

Thinking she was about to be robbed, the nurse said that she had offered the African migrant her purse but quickly realized that money was not what he had intended to take from her. The attacker then proceeded to throw her to the ground and covered her mouth while she attempted wrestle herself away from his grip.

“He would put his hands everywhere and get angry because I was defending myself,” the nurse said, adding that “He keep repeating: ‘Let me do what I want or I’ll kill you. Stand still and don’t scream.’”

“He was double my size and all his weight was on my back. He got angry because my jeans were too tight and he couldn’t take them off.”

Despite the victim telling the attacker that she was pregnant, couldn’t breathe, and needed water, he continued choking her while having his way with her. The horrifying, 45 minute-long ordeal finally came to an end when the nurse’s bus finally showed up and security forces arrived on scene.

“They use drones to find people who go to the beach despite the Covid emergency. Why don’t they use them to prevent these and other attacks?” the nurse said.