Italy: Schizophrenic Gambian Attacks Police While Shouting Islamic Battle Cry

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2019

I see that Europe continues to bring in the best of the best.

Once he’s cured of that bothersome mystical-religious delirium, this 66 IQ Gambian will make a fine lawyer or neurosurgeon.

Vox News (Google Translate):

He set out in a rage invoking “Allah Akbar”. For this reason, a 35-year-old from the Gambia, who was a guest at the reception center in Guidonia, was hospitalized in Tivoli.

The African also attacked the agents called in to stop him. Even in the ward the African continued to sing praises to Allah.

After three hours of tests, and a specialist consultation, the health care professionals diagnosed mystical-religious delirium on the patient, who was already known to the emergency room because he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia: for this he was admitted to the Psychiatry department.