Italy: Sandnigger Barracks Mobilizes Sandniggers to Vote for Leftist Parties

Daily Stormer
March 3, 2018

You know that separation of Church and State thing that (((some people))) start screeching about the minute some White kid from Iowa prays at school?


The Mosque of Segrate located on the outskirts of Milan has called on Muslims to vote for the centre-left coalition and parties favourable to granting birthplace citizenship.

The Segrate mosque, also known as Masjid al-Rahmàn or Mosque of the Merciful, released a bulletin to followers urging them to vote for parties which support granting citizenship to anyone born within the borders of Italy, known as Jus SoliItalian newspaper Il Giornale reports.

“Jus Soli” makes perfect sense, you know.

I was born in a hospital, so naturally everybody calls me “doctor.”

If I had been born in Antarctica, I would’ve been a penguin.

If I had been born in a stable, I would’ve been a horse.

Biology is a social construct, the magical dirt around you when you’re born is what really matters.

The mosque told believers “they have a fundamental interest in going to the polls and in the secrecy of the voting booth, where nobody, except Allah, shines the splendour of his light, sees them express carefully on the valid ballot, putting the X on the symbol of parties favourable to Jus Soli.”

I thought religious institutions weren’t allowed to get involved in politics?

Is that not the law in Italy, like everywhere else?

This is what the traitors who run Italy today allow, after Italians fought against the pedo-worshippers for centuries

The mosque is not the only authority telling Muslims to vote for left-wing parties. A recent issue of the Italian Muslim magazine Il Messaggero dell’Islam featured an article on who Muslims should vote for, reiterating many of the points of the mosque bulletin.

The author of the article then writes: “Muslims must not lose this political occasion that Allah, the most high, puts at their disposal to consolidate them on this territory.”

Can you imagine what would happen to any non-Moslems writing this in a Moslem country?

Tons of them would be slaughtered in the streets.

Why aren’t we doing the same?

The Muslim population of Italy has grown largely due to mass migration, but many who have come from the Middle East and North Africa who do not qualify for asylum will likely face deportation if the right-wing coalition of populist Lega leader Matteo Salvini and former Prime minister and Forza Italia leader Silvio Berlusconi win Sunday’s election.

Both centre-right coalition leaders have promised to deport hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants with the next five years.

Isn’t that what the ones who won the last elections said?

And the ones before that too?

And why would it matter if they’re “legal” or not?

If they’re not Italian (or at least other Europeans), kick them out, all of them, regardless of their stupid piece of paper.

Current Italian citizenship laws largely follow the jus sanguinis, or right of blood, law which currently states that a child’s mother or father must be an Italian citizen for them to receive automatic citizenship with the only exceptions being stateless persons born in Italy.

Yeah, that’s not good either.

This might work in an all-White world, but now you’re just letting mongrels in, and that’s bad.

Muslims are also less likely to vote for Lega leader Matteo Salvini as he recently stated“The Islam of today is a danger. I don’t want it.”

Has this guy never read a history book before?

Islam has been in a permanent state of war with everybody near it since it’s inception, and a permanent state of whining when they lose.

Why did you infidels oppress us by fighting back?!?!?!?

The real problem is that there are people – NATIONALISTS even – who say that non-Italians should be allowed in Italy, which is disgusting.

Italy is the home of Italians, hence the fucking name, and while they could potentially absorb small quantities of people from the same race, there is no excuse for tolerating these shitholers from the Middle East and Africa, regardless of whether they have some piece of paper or not.

The future will either be Nationalism or a generic shithole from the middle-east, there’s no in-between.